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Dronacharya Group of Institutions is a renowned educational conglomerate in India, focusing on the delivery of high-quality technical education. With campuses strategically located in key regions, including Greater Noida and Gurugram (Gurgaon), the group has established itself as a prominent center for engineering and management studies. Founded with the mission to cultivate skilled professionals who can contribute significantly to the technological and economic development of the nation, Dronacharya Group has been steadfast in its commitment to excellence in education, research, and innovation.

Educational Philosophy and Vision: The institutes under the Dronacharya Group are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages learning, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge. Their vision extends beyond traditional education paradigms, aiming to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving global marketplace. Emphasis is placed on practical training, industry exposure, and the development of soft skills alongside rigorous academic curricula.

Programs Offered: Dronacharya Group of Institutions offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various engineering disciplines, including Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Additionally, the institutions provide courses in Management and Computer Applications, catering to a broad spectrum of academic interests and career aspirations.

Infrastructure and Facilities: The campuses boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, with modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries with extensive collections of books and journals, and advanced computing facilities. Sports and recreational amenities are also provided to ensure a holistic development environment for students.

Industry Interface and Placements: A significant aspect of the Dronacharya Group's success is its strong industry connections, which facilitate internships, live projects, and placement opportunities for students. The dedicated placement cells work tirelessly to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of their professional lives.

Accreditations and Recognitions: The institutions under the Dronacharya Group are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated with prestigious universities. They have earned several accreditations and recognitions for their quality of education, faculty excellence, and student services.

Research and Development: Research is a critical component of the academic ecosystem at Dronacharya Group. The institutions encourage faculty and students to engage in research activities that contribute to the advancement of science and technology. Collaborations with industry and academia for research projects are actively pursued.

Community Engagement and Social Responsibility: Dronacharya Group is committed to social responsibility and community engagement. Various initiatives and programs are conducted to contribute to societal development and to inculcate a sense of responsibility among students towards their community and the environment.

Admission is open to BTech and MBA for the academic year 2024-25. 

DGI Highlights 2023

Established in 2006, Dronacharya Group of Institutions (DGI) is a private institute that is affiliated to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University (AKTU). The institute is approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is aimed at imparting high-quality education in the field of Engineering and Management. The institute is recognised in the band “Excellent” by ARIIA, MHRD Govt. of India. Additionally, DGI has been awarded by the Computer Society of India (CSI) Mumbai Chapter as the "Best Institute of the Year" under the category "Innovative pedagogical approaches and tools”. The institute has 5 star rated remote center of NPTEL(IIT Madras). The institute has authorized center for *C++Germany, *BOSCH Training Center, *AutoDesk, *CISCO, *Virtual Labs-IIT Delhi, *e-Yantra Robotics Lab, *CADD Centre. For its students, Dronacharya Group of Institutions has established a special Apple IOS centre of excellence. Moreover, the institute offers 9 courses of engineering specialties and management. The major highlights of the Dronacharya Group of Institutions (DGI) are tabulated below:

Particulars Statistics

Also known as


Institution type


Campus location

Greater Noida

Recognised by


Affiliated to

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University (AKTU)

Remote centres

IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, NITTR Chandigarh, NEPTEL

Courses offered

BTech, MBA

Admission criteria


No of faculty


Accepted entrance exams

UPSEE/ JEE Main for BTech


Application mode


Gender intake


Mode of education


Highest package offered


Number of scholarships offered


Scholarship criteria

Merit-based, Mean-based

Dronacharya Group of Institutions courses 2024:

Dronacharya Group is known for its emphasis on engineering and technology programs, along with management and computer applications. Based on their historical offerings and academic structure, one can anticipate a continuation of their core programs along with possible updates or additions to align with evolving industry demands and technological advancements.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology): Typically offered in various specializations such as Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technology, and possibly newer domains aligning with industry trends.
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications): A program focusing on computer application development and IT skills.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • M.Tech (Master of Technology): Advanced engineering courses in specialized fields, which may include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, VLSI Design, and more, subject to the institution's offerings and industry relevance.
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration): A management program designed to equip students with advanced business, management, and leadership skills.
  • MCA (Master of Computer Applications): Aimed at producing skilled professionals in the field of computer applications and software development.

Doctoral Programs:

  • Depending on the institution's focus areas and research capabilities, Ph.D. programs in engineering, technology, and management disciplines might also be available, encouraging research in cutting-edge technology and management practices.

Special Programs and Certifications:

  • Given the rapid pace of technological advancement, Dronacharya Group may also offer specialized certification programs, workshops, and short-term courses in areas like cybersecurity, blockchain technology, machine learning, and other emerging fields.

DGI, Greater Noida Admission Dates 2024

Admission schedules can vary from year to year and are dependent on several factors, including the academic calendar, entrance exam schedules, and the regulatory guidelines set by educational authorities like the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated universities.

Typical Admission Timeline for Engineering Institutions in India:

  • Application Release: Applications for admission usually open in the late winter or early spring, often between January and March.
  • Submission Deadline: The deadline for submitting applications can vary, typically falling between April and June.
  • Entrance Exams: Entrance exams such as JEE Main (for B.Tech programs) and CAT/MAT/XAT (for MBA programs) are generally conducted in the spring and summer. Specific dates depend on the organizing bodies.
  • Results and Counseling: Entrance exam results are usually announced a few weeks after the exams, followed by counseling and seat allotment processes which can extend from July to August.
  • Commencement of Classes: Academic sessions for new admissions typically start around August or September, although this can vary based on the institution and program.

Steps to Stay Updated:

  1. Official Website: The most reliable source of information is the DGI Greater Noida official website. Prospective students should check it regularly for updates on the admission schedule for 2024.
  2. Contact Admissions Office: For direct inquiries and the most current information, contacting DGI's admissions office via phone or email can be beneficial.
  3. Entrance Exam Websites: Keep an eye on official announcements from the JEE Main, CAT, and other relevant entrance exams for dates that might influence the admission process at DGI.
  4. Educational News Portals: Educational news websites and forums can also provide updates and insights into the admission timelines of engineering and management institutes.

DGI Situations 2024

During Dronacharya Gathering of Organizations arrangements 2024, the most elevated bundle and least bundle offered remained at INR 7.12 LPA and INR 3 LPA, separately. The vital features of Dronacharya Gathering of Foundations positions 2024 are organized underneath:


Statistics (2024)

Highest Package INR 7.12 LPA
Lowest Package INR 3 LPA
No. of students placed 28
Popular recruiters ArguSoft India Ltd., Bharti Airtel Ltd., ICICI Prudential, Zoom Communications Pvt Ltd

DGI Courses and Fees 2024

The institute offers BTech and MBA courses in various specialisations. These include Computer Science & Engineering, CSE (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), Computer Science & Information Technology, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electronics & Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Master of Business Administration. The duration of BTech course is of four year and MBA is of two-year duration. Candidates willing to seek admission in any of DGI courses can find details regarding same along with total course in the table below:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
    • Specializations could include Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, and more.
    • Estimated Fees: Historically, annual tuition fees for B.Tech programs have ranged from INR 1 lakh to INR 1.5 lakhs, excluding additional charges like hostel, mess, and miscellaneous fees.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • M.Tech (Master of Technology)
    • Offered in advanced engineering specializations, the availability of which may depend on current industry trends and academic focus.
    • Estimated Fees: The fees for M.Tech programs are generally in the range of INR 80,000 to INR 1.2 lakhs per annum, subject to variations based on the specialization.
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
    • Focuses on core management subjects, with an emphasis on technical and leadership skills relevant to the global business environment.
    • Estimated Fees: MBA program fees can vary, typically ranging from INR 1.2 lakhs to INR 2 lakhs per annum.

Additional Costs:

  • Hostel and Accommodation: For students requiring hostel facilities, the charges are additional and can range from INR 60,000 to INR 1 lakh per year, including mess fees.
  • Other Charges: Additional expenses may include registration fees, examination fees, laboratory fees, and other miscellaneous charges, which can add up to a significant amount over the course of the program.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

DGI is known to offer scholarships and financial aid to deserving students based on merit, economic background, or performance in entrance examinations. These can significantly reduce the financial burden on students and their families.

DGI Scholarships 2024

DGI scholarships are both merit and mean-based. It offers scholarships through the National Scholarships Portal (NSP). In addition to the same, DGI also offers education loan assistance. Candidates can find details and fill the form regarding same through the official website of DGI. Some of the top DGI scholarships are listed below:

  • J&K Scholarship
  • Vidya Lakshmi Portal
  • UP State Scholarship

DGI, More prominent Noida Framework

Dronacharya Gathering of Foundations gives different offices. These offices include:


The school is an institutional individual from English Committee Division Library, New Delhi, American Data Asset Center, New Delhi and Public Library and Data Administrations framework for Insightful Substance (N-Rundown). The understudies can benefit Library and Data Administrations of these places for their specific data needs, where in they can get an exceptionally huge volume of books and periodicals alongside sound video, computerized and online data assets.

Advancement Business Improvement Cell:

Business Improvement Cell was laid out by the school to incorporate a culture of development that will assist sprouting business visionaries with seeing their expertise and dream to fire up their own undertakings. The innovative abilities like business displaying, thought age, income, exchange and deals abilities are improved through hands on preparing, exercises and occasions

R and D Cell

R and D Cell of School means to advance exploration culture in testing and arising areas of innovation. The cell supports employees and understudies to attempt the examination in arising boondocks and spurs understudies for research distribution in Scopus and SCI Diaries, patent recording, Task Rivalry and some more.

Computerization lab

Computerization lab gives a climate where understudies can investigate independence in assembling frameworks.


The school has an armada of 30 transports that it utilizes to all understudies and workers between various areas in the city and the school and back home.

Practice environmental awareness

DGI advance green practices in and around the school to guarantee negligible carbon impressions. An exceptional drive has been taken by school to impart consciousness of ecological obligation among understudies and staff.

Look at more on DGI, More prominent Noida Framework in the underneath video:

Dronacharya Group of Institutions FAQs

Q. Is DGI a confidential organization?

A. Laid out in 2006, Dronacharya Gathering of Organizations (DGI) is a confidential foundation. The organization is situated in More prominent Noida and gives courses in Designing and The board streams.

Q. Which college is DGI associated to?

A. DGI is subsidiary to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam College (AKTU) and is endorsed by the All-India Chamber for Specialized Schooling (AICTE). The establishment is additionally perceived in the band "Astounding" by ARIIA, MHRD Govt. of India.

Q. Which courses are presented by DGI?

A. DGI gives BTech and MBA courses in different specializations. The span of these courses range between two to four years. The qualification for The executives course is that up-and-comer ought to have passed graduation with at least half total.

Q. What are the specializations presented for BTech course at DGI?

A. The specializations presented by DGI for BTech course incorporate Software engineering and Designing, CSE (Man-made brainpower and AI), Software engineering and Data Innovation, Data Innovation, Hardware and Correspondence Designing, Gadgets and PC Designing, Electrical and Hardware Designing, and Mechanical Designing.

Q. How is the situations at Dronacharya Gathering of Foundations?

A. The most noteworthy bundle presented during Dronacharya Gathering of Organizations was INR 45 LPA by Amazon. The organization has 100 percent situation rate and the top spotters incorporate Adobe, Samsung, Josh Innovation, rtcamp Capgemini, Jindal Gathering, Byju's, and so forth.

Q. Which are the remote communities of DGI?

A. DGI has five remote habitats, including IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, NITTR Chandigarh and NEPTEL.

Q. How great is the grounds of DGI?

A. The grounds of DGI is planned as gurukul engineering with every one of the essential conveniences, including sports, flask, library, extensive homerooms, sports ground, workshop corridor, and so on.

Q. Is there any transportation offices for the understudies?

A. Indeed, DGI takes sufficient consideration for the comfort of understudies coming from distant. It has an armada of transports of its own interfacing different rural areas of Delhi and NCR.

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Courses & Fees

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Courses & Fees 2024

Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
B.E. / B.Tech ₹ 242700 - ₹ 380000

10+2 : 45%

Exams : JEE Main

MBA/PGDM ₹ 192000 - ₹ 380000

Graduation : 50%

Exams : NTA, CUET-PG

MCA ₹ 161800 - ₹ 380000

Graduation : 50%

Exams :

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What's new at Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2024?

DGI has a consistent record of facilitating successful placement drives, with students securing positions in reputed national and international companies across various sectors. Based on the institute's commitment to enhancing employability and the strategic industry partnerships it maintains, one can anticipate the following trends and initiatives for the 2024 placement season:

Continued Industry Collaboration:

DGI is expected to continue its strong collaboration with industry leaders, inviting a diverse array of companies for campus recruitment drives. These collaborations not only offer students a wide range of job opportunities but also internships and project work that are crucial for gaining practical experience.

Emphasis on Emerging Technologies:

Given the rapid pace of technological evolution, DGI is likely to focus on placements in emerging sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data analytics, cybersecurity, and sustainable engineering practices, alongside traditional domains.

Enhanced Training Programs:

To prepare students for the competitive job market, DGI might introduce or expand its pre-placement training programs. These could include workshops on soft skills, technical skills enhancement, mock interviews, and industry-specific certification courses to make students job-ready.

Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment Processes:

Considering the global shift towards digital platforms, DGI may further adopt virtual and hybrid models for conducting placement drives. This approach not only broadens the scope of participation from companies around the globe but also offers flexibility to students.

Increased Start-Up Engagement:

With the growing startup ecosystem in India, DGI might encourage more startups to participate in the placement drives, offering students opportunities to work in dynamic, fast-paced environments and possibly even in entrepreneurial roles.


 As per the official website, so far, the highest package and lowest package offered during placements 2024 stood at INR 7.12 LPA and INR 3 LPA, respectively. Further, a total of 28 students were placed and the highest stipend offered to batch 2020-24 was INR 20,000.

Additionally, more than 175 students were placed during placements 2023. The highest package ranged between INR 12 LPA to INR 18 LPA and the lowest package stood at INR 2.19 LPA. Further, training opportunities were also offered to the students during the placement session 2023. The highest stipend of INR 36,000 was offered by MAQ Software. The top recruiters of Dronacharya Group of Institutions during placements 2023 were RtCamp Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Tech Mahindra, Nagarro, Hexaware Technologies, TCS, etc.

Final Placements:

  • The number of recruiters rose by 30% in 2022 when compared with 2021
Table of Contents
  1. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2024: Highlights
  2. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2022: Highlights
  3. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placement Trends: 2020 Vs 2021 Vs 2022
  4. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2022: Top Companies
  5. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Alumni Placements: Domain-wise Split
  6. Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements FAQs

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2024: Highlights

The key highlights of Dronacharya Group of Institutions placements 2024 in comparison with placements 2023 are tabulated below:


Statistics (2023)

Statistics (2024)

Highest Package Between INR 12 LPA-INR 18 LPA INR 7.12 LPA
Lowest Package INR 2.19 LPA INR 3 LPA
No. of students placed 175+ 28
Popular recruiters AiDash Inc, Posist Technologies, MAQ Software, KiwiTech, Jaro Education ArguSoft India Ltd., Bharti Airtel Ltd., ICICI Prudential, Zoom Communications Pvt Ltd

NOTE: Placements 2024 is ongoing.

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2022: Highlights

The key highlights of Dronacharya Group of Institutions placements 2022 are tabulated below:



Highest salary

INR 12 LPA (for BTech)

Lowest salary package (overall)


Total recruiters


Top recruiters

RTCamp Solutions Pvt Ltd., Adobe, Info Edge, Cognizant, IBM, Amazon

Read more: Dronacharya Group of Institutions Admission Process

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placement Trends: 2020 Vs 2021 Vs 2022

Coming to the total recruiters participating in Dronacharya Group of Institutions placement drive, an improving trend was observed in the past three years. The following graph depicts the trends seen in the number of recruiters who participated during 2020, 2021 and 2022 placement drives:

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Placements 2022: Top Companies

The list of top recruiters during Dronacharya Group of Institutions placements 2022 is presented in the table below:

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Top Companies


Josh Technology Group

Info Edge


Accolite Digital

Detect Technologies




HashedIn Technologies



For more recruiters: Download PDF

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Alumni Placements: Domain-wise Split

According to external sources, a majority of the alumni who graduated from Dronacharya Group of Institutions work in the Engineering sectors (44%), followed by Education (17%) and Business Development (9%) sectors. A sector-wise classification of Dronacharya Group of Institutions alumni placements is given in the pie chart below:

Note: The domain under the ‘Others’ category include Sales, Administrative, Media and Communication, Marketing, Consulting, Support and Finance.

Quick links:

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Q&A – Ask The Experts

Students' reviews on Dronacharya Group of Institutions

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What's new at Dronacharya Group of Institutions cutoff 2024? 

The cutoff marks for admissions to various programs at DGI, such as B.Tech and other courses, are determined based on factors including the performance in entrance exams (like JEE Main for engineering courses), the number of applicants, the difficulty level of these exams, and the total number of seats available in each program.

Anticipated Trends for DGI Cutoff 2024:

  • Adjustments Based on Entrance Exam Scores: The cutoffs for 2024 will largely depend on the average scores of applicants in entrance exams. Higher overall performance could lead to higher cutoffs.
  • Program Popularity: Programs in high demand, typically those related to emerging technologies and sectors, may see higher cutoffs due to increased competition among applicants.
  • Seat Availability: Any changes in the number of seats available in each program, whether increases due to new specializations or decreases, will directly impact the cutoff marks.
  • State and National Quotas: For institutions like DGI that may have state or national quota systems in place, the cutoffs could vary significantly based on the applicant pool's domicile status.

How to Stay Updated:

  1. Official DGI Announcements: Keep an eye on DGI's official website for the most current information on admissions and cutoffs for 2024.
  2. Entrance Exam Bodies: Follow updates from the bodies conducting entrance exams, as their notifications can provide insights into the scoring trends and potential impacts on cutoffs.
  3. Educational News Platforms: Educational news websites and forums often provide analysis and predictions on cutoff trends based on current year results and historical data.

 AKTU has released the UPTAC Counselling 2023 Special Round Seat allotment result. Selected candidates must report at the allotted Institute.

Important: Check your admission chances here with UPTAC 2023 College Predictor

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Hostel Fee

Check out more on DGI, Greater Noida Infrastructure in the below video:


The college is an institutional member of British Council Division Library, New Delhi, American Information Resource Centre, New Delhi and National Library and Information Services infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST). The students can avail Library and Information Services of these centers for their specialized information needs, where in they can get a very large volume of books and periodicals along with audio-video, digital and online information resources.College library has taken the membership of DELNET Consortium for the subscription of online electronic resources. Under the membership library has subscribed for InfoTrac Engineering Collection and also subscribed to Global Periodicals.Library is also an institutional member of Developing Library Network (DELNET). Besides providing on line access to various DELNET databases DELNET is also providing a very good DELNET Loan And Document Delivery Services to the Faculty and students. The IRC also provides Book Bank facility wherein students can get the textbooks issued for the entire semester

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Dronacharya Group of Institutions Admission Process 2024

Dronacharya Gathering of Organizations Affirmation FAQs

Q. What all courses are presented by DGI More noteworthy Noida?

A. The courses presented by DGI involves BTech and MBA programs at UG and PG level under numerous specializations.

Q. Is the qualification's expectation's for admission to BTech?

A. For BTech, the competitor should be a get through in Class 12 with Physical science and Maths as obligatory subjects with one among Science, Biotechnology, Science, Specialized Professional subject/CS/IT/Informatics Practices/Farming/Designing Illustrations/Business Review with something like 45% total (40% for saved classes).

Q. Does this school give horizontal passage admission to BTech?

A. Indeed, Dronacharya Gathering of Establishments offers horizontal passage admission to understudies with a legitimate confirmation capability in the important space with at least 45% total.

Q. How might one apply to this establishment?

A. The confirmation cycle of Dronacharya Gathering of Foundations is accessible in web-based mode just by means of its true site. Admission to the two its UG and PG courses is finished in view of a legitimate score in public/state-level selection tests.

Q. What all tests are acknowledged for admission to MBA?

A. For MBA, qualified competitors looking for confirmation should have a legitimate score in one among UPSEE/Feline/MAT/CMAT tests to get their seat at this foundation.

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Application Process 2024

Dronacharya Group of Institutions application process is available in online mode only. Applicants need to visit the official website of DGI, Greater Noida to register themselves. Once the application form is filled and submitted, an application fee needs to be paid via online mode only. Mentioned below is a step-by-step process of filling the application form:

Step 1: Visit the official website of DGI, Greater Noida ( and click on ‘Apply Now’ (if applying via desktop/laptop). Students applying via mobile phones need to click on the menu tab followed by clicking on ‘Admission’ and then on ‘Apply Online’

Step 2: The application form now appears on the screen

Step 3: Fill in the complete application form with all the details asked in it right from personal details, parents’ details and academic details

Step 4: Once done, check the complete information filled again to leave no scope of errors and click on ‘Submit’

List of documents required during the application process

  • Mark sheets and passing certificate of Class 10 and Class 12/ diploma/ degree (as applicable)
  • Migration certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Reservation certificate (if any)
  • Aadhaar Card

Dronacharya Group of Institutions Scholarships

Dronacharya Group of Institutions offers all the scholarships as per the norms and regulations of Government of India and Government of Uttar Pradesh for students taking admission to the first year of UG programmes. In addition to this, this institute also offers Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme to J&K students who pursue UG studies outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Students’ reviews on Dronacharya Group of Institutions

Placements report of Dronacharya Group of Institutions

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