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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), nestled in the bustling urban landscape of Sector-62, Noida, has established itself as a premier institution in the realm of higher education, particularly in the field of Information Technology and Engineering. Since its inception, JIIT has been dedicated to providing a rich educational experience, blending rigorous academic programs with cutting-edge research opportunities.

Academic Excellence At JIIT, the curriculum is meticulously designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the global IT industry. The institute offers a wide array of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, each aimed at developing proficient professionals who are ready to tackle the challenges of the modern workplace. The courses cover various disciplines within Information Technology and Engineering, including but not limited to Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, and Biotechnology.

Faculty and Research One of JIIT's core strengths lies in its distinguished faculty, comprising experienced educators and researchers who are experts in their respective fields. The faculty members are committed to fostering an environment of inquiry and innovation, encouraging students to engage in research projects that have real-world applications. Furthermore, JIIT hosts state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, equipped with the latest technology and resources, enabling students and faculty to pursue cutting-edge research.

Campus Life and Facilities The JIIT campus in Sector-62, Noida, is a vibrant community where students can thrive academically and socially. The campus is equipped with modern facilities, including an expansive library with a vast collection of books and journals, well-equipped laboratories, and comfortable hostels for both boys and girls. Additionally, the institute offers a range of extracurricular activities, from sports and fitness centers to cultural clubs and societies, ensuring a well-rounded collegiate experience for its students.

Placement Record JIIT's commitment to excellence in education is reflected in its impressive placement record. The institute enjoys strong ties with the industry, attracting top recruiters from the IT sector and beyond. Students are offered opportunities for internships and full-time employment with leading companies, benefitting from the institute's robust training and placement cell. The placement cell organizes workshops, guest lectures, and career fairs to prepare students for their professional journeys.

Global Connections Understanding the importance of global exposure, JIIT has established partnerships with universities and research institutions worldwide. These collaborations offer students and faculty the chance to engage in exchange programs, joint research projects, and international conferences, enriching the academic community with diverse perspectives and ideas.

CAT answer key 2023 has been released. The CAT exam authority is inviting objections against the official CAT answer key 2023 from candidates. The objection window will be open till Dec 8, 2023.

GATE 2024 exam will be conducted on Feb 3, 4, 10, and 11, 2024.

Jaypee Noida Highlights 2024

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida, for the year 2024 were not detailed. However, based on the institute's history of excellence and continuous growth, one can anticipate several key features and strengths to remain prominent. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official JIIT website or contact the institute directly. Below are projected highlights based on trends and developments in recent years:

Academic Excellence:

  • Diverse Program Offerings: JIIT is expected to continue offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs, especially in fields related to Information Technology, Engineering, and Sciences, maintaining its reputation for academic excellence.
  • Innovative Curriculum: The curriculum at JIIT is designed to meet the evolving demands of the industry and research, emphasizing practical skills, innovation, and interdisciplinary learning.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

  • Modern Campus: The JIIT campus in Noida is equipped with advanced facilities, including well-equipped labs, a comprehensive library, modern classrooms, and more, to support an immersive learning environment.
  • Digital Resources: Access to digital learning resources and platforms to enhance the educational experience, supporting remote learning and research activities.

Research and Innovation:

  • Research Centers: Ongoing emphasis on research and development through various research centers and collaborations with industry and academia, promoting innovation and practical solutions to real-world problems.
  • Funding and Grants: Continued support for research projects through funding and grants from government agencies, industry partners, and internal resources.

Student Life and Activities:

  • Vibrant Campus Life: A range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations for students to engage in, fostering personal growth, leadership, and community engagement.
  • Sports and Fitness Facilities: Comprehensive sports and fitness facilities to promote wellness and a balanced lifestyle among students.

Placement and Career Support:

  • Strong Industry Connections: JIIT's Training and Placement Cell is expected to continue its strong performance in securing top-notch placements for its students across various sectors.
  • Career Development Services: Dedicated services to help students prepare for their careers, including workshops, counseling, internships, and networking opportunities.

Global Outreach:

  • International Collaborations: Partnerships and collaborations with universities and research institutions around the world, offering students and faculty opportunities for exchange programs, joint research, and global exposure.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

  • Scholarship Programs: A commitment to making education accessible through merit-based and need-based scholarships, financial aid, and support for deserving students.

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (JIIT Noida) was founded in 2001 with the aim to offer quality education in the fields of Engineering, Science, Management, IT, etc. It received the status of a deemed-to-be university in 2004. JIIT Noida is an integral part of Jaypee Group of Companies that currently provides education across 34 schools, five ITI’s, 1 Polytechnic, Advanced Skill Development Centre, PG college, and B.Ed college, respectively. JIIT Noida has been ranked 94 under the Engineering category by the NIRF in 2022. Talking about the placements, the highest package offered to students during the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology placements 2022 was INR 1.15 crore. Candidates can check the major highlights of JIIT Noida in the table provided below:



Year of establishment


Institute type


Institute status

Deemed to be University



Recognised by


Accredited by


Ranking (2022)

Ranked 94 under the Engineering category by the NIRF

Number of courses offered


Flagship course


Number of scholarships

2 (Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship, Merit Scholarship)

Highest CTC (2022)

INR 1.15 crore

Check out more on Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Highlights in the below video:

Jaypee Noida Popular Programmes

Please find below the latest information around popular programmes offered by Jaypee Noida along with other courses:

Jaypee Noida Admission Dates

Please find below the latest information around Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Admissions:

Jaypee Noida Cutoff 2023

The cutoffs for JIIT, particularly for popular programs like B.Tech, are determined based on the results of entrance exams such as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, among other factors. These factors typically include the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the entrance exams, seat availability, and the performance of applicants.

General Guidance on Cutoffs:

  • JEE Main Scores: For B.Tech admissions, JIIT considers JEE Main scores. A higher score usually increases the likelihood of meeting or surpassing the cutoff.
  • Previous Years' Trends: Looking at the cutoff trends from previous years can provide a rough estimate of what to expect. It's important to note, though, that cutoffs can fluctuate each year.
  • Program Popularity: Programs with higher demand, such as Computer Science and Engineering or Electronics and Communication Engineering, might have higher cutoffs due to increased competition.

Steps to Stay Informed:

  1. Official JIIT Website: Regularly visit JIIT's official website for the most current admissions information and cutoff announcements.
  2. Entrance Exam Websites: Keep an eye on the official JEE Main website or other relevant entrance exam portals for updates that might impact cutoffs.
  3. Contact Admissions Office: For specific queries, reaching out directly to JIIT's admissions office can provide personalized and up-to-date information.

Planning and Preparation: Prospective students aiming for admission should focus on maximizing their entrance exam scores and staying informed about the application deadlines and criteria for the programs they are interested in. Understanding past years' cutoffs can help in setting realistic goals and expectations, but it's crucial to aim high and prepare thoroughly.

Candidates can check the JEE AIR 2022 based admission cutoff in the following table:


Cutoff Rank



















Click here for more details on Jaypee Noida Cutoff.

Jaypee Noida Placements 2024

it is reasonable to expect that JIIT will continue to maintain strong industry connections and offer robust placement opportunities to its students in 2024. Here is a projected overview based on trends and the institute's commitment to ensuring successful career outcomes for its graduates:

Industry Collaboration: JIIT has a history of collaborations with leading companies across various sectors, including IT, consulting, finance, manufacturing, and more. The institute is expected to further strengthen these partnerships and explore new collaborations to expand placement opportunities for students.

Training and Preparation: The Training and Placement Cell at JIIT likely will continue to provide comprehensive support to students, including resume writing workshops, interview preparation sessions, soft skills development, and technical training. These initiatives aim to enhance the employability of students and prepare them for successful careers.

Placement Drives: JIIT traditionally hosts multiple campus recruitment drives each year, inviting top multinational corporations, startups, and public sector companies. It is anticipated that the institute will organize such events efficiently in 2024, facilitating interactions between students and potential employers.

Diverse Opportunities: Students from various programs, including B.Tech, M.Tech, and MBA, have historically secured positions in their respective fields. It is expected that companies will offer roles across a wide range of functions, such as software development, systems engineering, research and development, project management, consulting, and business analysis.

Placement Records: Given JIIT's consistent track record, the institute is likely to achieve commendable placement statistics in 2024, with a significant percentage of the graduating batch securing offers. The average and highest salary packages are expected to be competitive, reflecting the quality of the institute's academic programs and the caliber of its students.

Notable Recruiters: Companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Deloitte, KPMG, Infosys, TCS, and Cognizant have been among the prominent recruiters in past years. It is anticipated that these and other notable firms will continue to recruit from JIIT, offering attractive career opportunities to graduates.

According to the annual report 2022, BTech students received 1,381 offers and total offers received for Integrated and MTech is 72. The table below showcases the placement highlights of JIIT during placements 2022:


Statistics (2022)


Total offers


Participating students


Absolute offers


Total offers (in %)


Absolute offers (in %)


Jaypee Noida Courses & Fees 2024

Undergraduate Programs:

  • B.Tech: Specializations likely include Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Biotechnology, among others. The duration is typically 4 years.
    • Estimated Fees: The annual fee for B.Tech programs has been in the range of INR 2 to 2.5 lakhs in previous years, subject to change based on university policies and other factors.

Postgraduate Programs:

  • M.Tech: Available in various specializations such as Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and more. The duration is usually 2 years.
    • Estimated Fees: The semester fee for M.Tech programs may range from INR 1 to 1.5 lakhs, varying by specialization.
  • MBA: A program focusing on the management aspects of technology and businesses. The duration is 2 years.
    • Estimated Fees: The annual fee for the MBA program could be around INR 2 to 3 lakhs.

Doctoral Programs (Ph.D.):

  • Offered across a spectrum of research areas aligned with engineering, sciences, and management.
    • Estimated Fees: Ph.D. program fees are generally lower than those for undergraduate and postgraduate courses but depend on the specific department and research area.

JIIT Noida offers seven courses at UG, PG and PhD level, including BTech, BBA, MTech, Integrated MTech, MBA, MSc and PhD among various others. Candidates can check the courses offered at JIIT Noida along with the eligibility criteria and the total course fee in the table provided below:

Jaypee Noida Scholarships 2024

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida, for the year 2024 were not available. However, JIIT has a history of providing a range of scholarship opportunities to support and encourage meritorious and financially disadvantaged students. These scholarships typically aim to alleviate the financial burden of tuition and other academic expenses, enabling students to focus on their studies. For the most accurate and current information regarding scholarships for 2024, visiting JIIT's official website or contacting the institute directly is advisable. Below is an overview of the types of scholarships that JIIT Noida has offered in the past, which may continue or be updated for 2024:

Merit-Based Scholarships: JIIT offers scholarships to students based on their academic achievements, such as high scores in national-level entrance exams (e.g., JEE Main for B.Tech admissions), excellent academic records in previous studies, or outstanding performance in university examinations.

Need-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are aimed at students who demonstrate significant financial need, helping to ensure that talented students from all economic backgrounds have access to quality education.

Sports and Cultural Scholarships: Students who excel in sports, arts, or cultural activities may also be eligible for scholarships, recognizing their contributions to the university's extracurricular life and their potential for excellence in these fields.

Scholarships for Research and Innovation: Doctoral and postgraduate students involved in innovative research projects or who show potential for significant contributions to their field of study might be eligible for scholarships aimed at supporting research activities.

External Scholarships: Students may also apply for various scholarships offered by government bodies, NGOs, and private organizations, which JIIT may facilitate by providing necessary information and support for the application process.

Scholarship Application Process: The application process for scholarships at JIIT usually involves submitting an application form along with required documents demonstrating academic achievements, financial need, or other relevant criteria as specified by each scholarship scheme.

JIIT Noida offers full fee waiver scholarships to the candidates seeking BTech admission with an all India JEE Main rank less than 10,000. JIIT Noida also offers William Webster Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship to scholar students who have an annual parental income less than Rs 1.5 lakh with a 100 per cent tuition fee waiver for the first semester based on their performance in Class 10 and Class 12.

Jaypee Noida Infrastructure

Jaypee Noida facilitates students with all the required essentials. Some of the campus facilities include:

  • Labs and Auditorium
  • Well-equipped Conference hall and Seminar hall
  • Libraries and Full-time internet connectivity
  • Sports and Medical facilities
  • Hostels facilities for boys and girls

Jaypee Noida Departments

It has seven departments that are housed at the JIIT Noida campus. These departments are listed as under:

  • Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Physics & Material Science Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities & Social Science
  • Business & Management

Jaypee Noida FAQs

Q: What courses are offered at JIIT Noida? A: JIIT Noida offers a variety of programs at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. The undergraduate programs primarily include B.Tech degrees in specializations such as Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, and Biotechnology. Postgraduate programs include M.Tech in various specializations, MBA, and Ph.D. programs in multiple disciplines of engineering, sciences, and management.

Q: What is the admission process for B.Tech at JIIT Noida? A: Admission to the B.Tech program at JIIT Noida is primarily based on the performance in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main). Candidates must apply to JIIT with their JEE Main scores, followed by counselling and seat allocation based on their ranks and preferences.

Q: Does JIIT Noida offer scholarship opportunities? A: Yes, JIIT Noida offers various scholarships based on merit, economic status, and performance in entrance examinations. Specific scholarships are available for meritorious students, including tuition fee waivers for top performers in JEE Main and other qualifying exams.

Q: Are hostel facilities available at JIIT Noida? A: Yes, JIIT Noida provides separate hostel facilities for male and female students. The hostels are equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay, including mess facilities, Wi-Fi, recreational areas, and strict security.

Q: What is the fee structure at JIIT Noida? A: The fee structure at JIIT Noida varies for different programs. For B.Tech programs, the annual tuition fee typically ranges from INR 2 to 2.5 lakhs, excluding hostel and mess charges. Postgraduate and doctoral program fees differ based on the course and specialization. It's advisable to check the official JIIT Noida website for the most up-to-date fee information.

Q: How are placements at JIIT Noida? A: JIIT Noida has a strong placement record, with many students securing positions in top companies in the IT, consulting, and engineering sectors. The institute's training and placement cell actively coordinates with various industries to organize campus recruitment drives, internships, and workshops to enhance students' employability.

Q: How can I apply to JIIT Noida? A: Applications to JIIT Noida can be submitted online through the official website. Applicants need to fill out the application form, submit the required documents, and pay the application fee. Admission to specific programs may require additional steps, such as submitting entrance exam scores (e.g., JEE Main, GATE).

Q: Is JIIT Noida recognized by UGC? A: Yes, JIIT Noida is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is deemed to be a university. It is also accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Q. What is the highest package offered to students during JIIT Noida placements 2022?

A. The highest package offered to students during the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology placements 2022 was INR 1.15 crore.

Q. Are the JIIT Noida admissions 2022 open?

A. The online and offline admission 2022-23 has been closed for courses such as BTech & Integrated 5 yrs Degree Programs (JEE Based), MTech, MSc and BBA. Also, admissions are open for BSc.

Q. Is JIIT Noida a private institution?

A. Yes, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida (JIIT Noida) is a private institution that was founded in 2001.

Q. Is JIIT Noida a deemed University?

A. Yes, JIIT Noida received the status of deemed-to-be university in 2004 under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956.

Q. What are the on-campus facilities offered by JIIT Noida?

A. The on-campus facilities provided by JIIT Noida comprise smart buildings with Wi-Fi connectivity covering the academic block, B-School-cum-research block, faculty residences, well-equipped modern laboratories and an intellectually stocked learning resource centre with books and e-resources.

Q. Is JIIT Noida recognised?

A. Yes, JIIT Noida is recognised under the UGC Act of 1956. It is also an AIU member and has been accredited by the NAAC with Grade 'B'.

Q. What are the rankings of JIIT Noida?

A. JIIT Noida has been ranked 94 under the Engineering category by NIRF in 2022.

Q. What are the campuses listed under JIIT Noida?

A. In addition to JIIT Noida main campus, the deemed University houses four more colleges under its name, including Jaypee University, Anoopshahr, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna, Jaypee Business School, Noida and Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan.

Q. Does JIIT Noida conduct campus placements drive for its students?

A. Yes, JIIT Noida conducts on-campus placements drive every year. Some of the top recruiters of the deemed University include Infosys, Adobe, Amazon, Microsoft, Directi, Lava Mobiles,, HCL, Square Yard, Airtel, etc.
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Courses & Fees

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Courses & Fees 2024

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida's courses and fees for the academic year 2024 might not be directly available. However, I can provide a general overview based on the institute's offerings in previous years, which typically include a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in fields closely associated with Information Technology and Engineering.

Undergraduate Programs: JIIT offers Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs in several specializations such as:

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Biotechnology

The duration of B.Tech programs is typically 4 years. The fee structure for B.Tech programs has been in the range of approximately INR 2 to 2.5 lakhs per annum, subject to revisions and differences based on the specialization and other academic or administrative factors.

Postgraduate Programs: For postgraduate studies, JIIT provides Master of Technology (M.Tech) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in various specializations. M.Tech specializations might include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Applied and Computational Mathematics

M.Tech programs usually have a duration of 2 years. The MBA program, focusing on the management aspects of technology and innovation, also spans 2 years. Postgraduate fees can vary but are generally in the ballpark of INR 1 to 1.5 lakhs per semester for M.Tech programs and around INR 2 to 3 lakhs per annum for the MBA program.

Doctoral Programs: JIIT offers Ph.D. programs in various domains of engineering, sciences, and management, aimed at research scholars interested in pursuing in-depth studies in their chosen fields. The fee structure for Ph.D. programs is typically lower than that of undergraduate and postgraduate programs but may vary based on the research area, duration, and other academic requirements.

Additional Costs: Apart from tuition fees, students may also need to consider additional costs for hostel accommodation, mess fees, books and supplies, and other miscellaneous expenses. Hostel fees, for instance, can range from INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 per annum, depending on the type of accommodation chosen.

Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
B.E. / B.Tech ₹ 612200 - ₹ 1349300

10+2 : 60%

Exams : JEE Main

M.E./M.Tech ₹ 324700 - ₹ 1349300

10+2 : 60%

Graduation : 60%


BBA ₹ 324700 - ₹ 1349300

10+2 : 60%

Exams : CUET

M.Sc. ₹ 162400 - ₹ 1349300

Graduation : 50%


B.Sc. ₹ 162400 - ₹ 1349300

10+2 : 50%

Exams : CUET

MBA/PGDM ₹ 162400 - ₹ 1349300

Graduation : 50%


Ph.D. ₹ 162400 - ₹ 1349300

Post Graduation : 60%

Exams :

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What’s new at Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology Placements 2024? The university has released BTech placements statistics for the year 2022. The highest, average and median package offered was INR 1.15 Crore, INR 11.01 LPA and INR 7.60 LPA during Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology placements 2022, respectively. A total of 120 other companies have offered salary package of INR 6 LPA to 727 students during the placement drive 2022. The university recorded above 99% placement rate and 1,422 offers were made in Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, DXC, TCS and Accenture. This is to note that, the 1,422 offers are an inclusive for All Jaypee Universities. Further, the data mentioned is for BTech, Integrated and MTech students.

For batch 2018–2022, students who completed their third year of BTech conducted summer placements in 214 companies in the months of June and July. Apart from this, 68 companies visited JIIT campus during the placement drive 2022.

JIIT Placements 2024:

  • Increased Participation of Companies: Given JIIT's growing reputation and strong industry linkages, an increased number of companies, including startups, tech giants, and core engineering firms, are expected to participate in the 2024 placement drives.
  • Diverse Sector Representation: Students can anticipate opportunities across a wide range of sectors such as IT, software, consulting, finance, e-commerce, and more, reflecting the broad applicability of their skills.
  • Higher Salary Packages: Continuing the trend, there could be an uptick in the average and highest salary packages offered to JIIT graduates, driven by the quality of the student pool and the institute's academic rigor.
  • Internship and PPO Opportunities: There may be a greater emphasis on internships leading to Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), as companies increasingly look to assess candidates through extended internships.
  • Skill-Based Hiring: Companies might focus more on specific skills and competencies, such as data analytics, machine learning, software development, and digital marketing, aligning with industry trends and demands.
  • Virtual and Hybrid Recruitment Processes: Depending on the prevailing circumstances, the recruitment processes may continue to leverage virtual platforms or adopt a hybrid model, combining online assessments with in-person interviews.

For the Latest Updates: To get the most accurate and recent information regarding the placements at JIIT for the year 2024, including companies participating, profiles offered, placement statistics, and any new initiatives by the institute's Training and Placement Cell, it's advisable to:

  • Visit the official JIIT website regularly.
  • Follow JIIT's official social media channels for announcements and updates.
  • Contact the Training and Placement Cell directly for specific queries or details.

How were the placements at Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology in 2022?

According to the annual report 2022, BTech students received 1,381 offers and total offers received for Integrated and MTech is 72. The table below showcases the placement highlights of JIIT during placements 2022:


Statistics (2022)


Total offers


Participating students


Absolute offers


Total offers (in %)


Absolute offers (in %)


Integrated and MTech

Integrated and Mtech participating students


Integrated and MTech total offers


Integrated and MTech absolute offers


Integrated % of total offers


MTech % of total offers


Integrated % of absolute offers


MTech % of absolute offers


What was the average package offered at Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology placement in 2022?

JIIT Noida average package offered is mentioned in the table below:


Statistics (2022)

Average package

INR 11.06 LPA

Students can download the annual report 2022 from the link below:

JIIT Annual report 2022 JIIT E-Brochure 2022 JIIT NIRF Report 2023

Quick Links

JIIT Review JIIT Compare
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The JEE Main Admit Card 2024 is available for download. Further, JEE Main exam 2024 for session 1 will be held between Jan 24, 2024 to Feb 1, 2024. Additionally, JEE Main Session 2 exam will be held between Apr 1, 2024 and Apr 15, 2024.

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Hostel Fee


JIIT's Learning Asset Center is a superb archive of learning assets. It can oblige around 700 clients all at once. It is completely incorporated with the most recent scanner tag innovation and worldwide standard library the executives programming - Freedom. The LRC comprises of the most recent assortment of reading material as well as reference books (approx. 61500), public as well as global friend investigated diaries, magazines and electronic assets on branches of knowledge covered by the scholastic educational plans of the Foundation and other all inclusive information (approx. 357800).


JIIT has a complete number of 5 lodgings, 2 for young men and 3 for young ladies. The general charge of understudy's discipline and lodging organization vests in the main superintendent. All inn rooms are given LAN/Wi-Fi network with 24 hours web through the principal server of the scholastic block. The inn is additionally associated with outside sports communities for grass tennis, ball, volleyball, and badminton. Different offices incorporate are 24 hour's power supply, water radiators, water cooler and so forth.

Exercise center

For Young men, An exceptional young men exercise center with Track Factories and hardware are accessible for the understudies. For Young ladies, an exceptional young ladies rec center with Cross Mentor and Track Factory machine is accessible for understudies.

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JIIT Noida Affirmation Interaction 2024

Jaypee Organization of Data Innovation (JIIT), Noida, offers BTech, MTech and five-year coordinated B Tech-M Tech programs. The organization is positioned best in NCR and third best in North India among private designing establishments in the NIRF (MHRD) 2016 positioning. Among all administration and confidential designing establishments across India, JIIT is put 60th.

Jaypee Establishment of Data Innovation Confirmation 2024: Qualification and Determination Rules

The application structure for the Jaypee Establishment of Data Innovation is accessible web-based on the authority site of the foundation. Jaypee Foundation of Data Innovation confirmation for few opportunities in Coordinated MTech-Biotechnology programs is open at this point. The well known course presented by the Jaypee Organization of Data Innovation alongside the qualification measures and expense subtleties is given underneath:

Course Name

Qualification and Determination Rules


Qualification: Class 12 in the pertinent stream

Acknowledged selection test: JEE Principal/Class 12 legitimacy based

BE/BTech Horizontal Passage


- Finished Recognition assessment with no less than 60% total (55% for SC/ST

- Passed BTech/BSc/DVoc first Year with somewhere around 60% total

Acknowledged selection test: JIIT UGET

Coordinated MTech

Qualification: Class 12 in the pertinent stream with 60% total

Acknowledged selection test: JEE Principal/Legitimacy based


Class 12 from a perceived board


Graduation in the applicable stream


Qualification: Graduation in the applicable stream

Acknowledged placement test: JEE Primary


Qualification: Graduation from a perceived college

Acknowledged placement test: MAT/XAT/GMAT/Feline/CMAT/ATMA




The seat consumption for every one of the courses is as per the following:

Course Name

Specialization-wise Seat Admission


CSE (660)

ECE (360)

IT (60)

BT (60)

Incorporated MTech

CSE (30)

ECE (30)

BT (30)



Different courses

BSc in Software engineering Data Innovation and Applications Figuring and Programming (60)


CSE (90)

ECE (30)

BT (30)

Jaypee Establishment of Data Innovation Courses

Educational plans for each course presented at Jaypee Organization of Data Innovation are arranged beneath:

Course    Curriculum PDF
BBA    Click here
BTech (Biotechnology)    Click here
BTech (CSE)    Click here
BTech (ECE)    Click here
Coordinated MTech (Biotechnology)    Click here
Coordinated MTech (CSE)    Click here
Coordinated MTech (ECE)    Click here
MSc (Economics)    Click here
MSc (Ecological Biotechnology)    Click here
MSc (Mathematics)    Click here
MSc (Microbiology)    Click here
MSc (Physics)    Click here
MTech (Biotechnology)    Click here
MTech (CSE)    Click here
PhD    Click here
JIIT Least Qualification Models for UG and PG Courses 2024

Least qualification to apply for B Tech programs is Class 12 pass in science stream or identical from a perceived college and least qualification to apply for M Tech programs is Graduation/B Tech or comparable from a perceived college.

JIIT Affirmation Interaction 2024

Admission to JIIT's B Tech and 5-year Coordinated B Tech + M Tech courses is conceded based on JEE rank/score.

For Science based B Tech programs (Biotechnology, Bioinformatics just) half of seats will be dispensed through JEE rank legitimacy and rest of the half seats will be assigned based on merit in Class XII assessment for the understudies having Science/Biotechnology with Physical science in Class XII.

Competitors with Science/Biotechnology, Physical science and Maths can apply for the two choices (i.e JEE based confirmations or Bio-based affirmations) by finishing up various application structures.

Admission to M Tech courses is conceded based on a composed test, PGCET directed by the actual college. Notwithstanding, the people who have substantial Door scores can look for direct affirmation. Such competitors are absolved from taking the entry test.

JIIT offers MBA through it's administration foundation, Jaypee Business college. Admission to the MBA program is finished based on Feline/MAT/CMAT/XAT/ATMA/GMAT scores.

JIIT Application Cycle 2024

Intrigued up-and-comers can apply by finishing up either the web-based application structure or by buying face to face. The pamphlet cum application structure can likewise be gotten from chosen parts of IDBI and PNB banks.

Click Here to fill the web-based application structure.

The properly filled structure and request draft (if material) ought to be shipped off the accompanying location before the conclusion of the enlistment interaction:

Confirmation Cell (UG or PG)

Jaypee Organization of Data Innovation

A-10, Area 62

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The application expense is Rs 1200, which can be paid with cash on the acquisition of the handout face to face, or through request draft or on the web (charge/Mastercards and net banking).

The interest draft ought to be attracted favor of Jaypee Establishment of Data Innovation, payable at Noida/Delhi.

Concede Card

Concede cards will be given to the competitors a couple of days preceding the selection test. Enrolled up-and-comers can download their individual concede cards from the authority site before the test.

Affirmation Cycle

The affirmation cycle at JIIT begins in April-May and closes by June-July.

Global Understudies Affirmation

Just these four UG courses are presented under NRI/NRI supported/Unfamiliar classification:

Gadgets and Correspondence Designing (ECE)

Software engineering and Designing (CSE)

Data Innovation (IT)

Biotechnology (BT)

The base scholastic capability for NRI/NRI Supported/Outside Nationals class understudies is XII pass or identical with at the very least 60% imprints in Physical science and Maths.

Competitors applying under this classification should acquire the application structure and handout face to face or by post from the enlistment center office at the accompanying location.

The Enlistment center

Jaypee Foundation of Data Innovation

A-10, Area 62

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The application charge of Rs 1500 can be paid through Request Draft attracted favor of Jaypee Foundation of Data Innovation, payable at Noida/Delhi.

The individuals who wish apply online can do as such by filling the web-based structure and paying the charge through net banking or credit/check cards.

The appropriately filled structure should be submitted at the previously mentioned address alongside duplicates of the accompanying archives:

Marksheets of class X and XII or same
Sponsorship letter from NRI/Understudy Visa

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