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The deadline for registration for JEE Main 2024 has been extended until December 4th at 9 pm.The JEE Main test for session 1 in 2024 is scheduled to take place from January 24, 2024, to February 1, 2024.The JEE Main Session 2 examination is scheduled to take place from April 1, 2024, to April 15, 2024.

Key features of NIT Surathkal in 2024

NIT Surathkal, sometimes referred to as NITK Surathkal, provides an undergraduate curriculum in the disciplines of Engineering and Technology. NITK, founded in 1960, provides postgraduate and doctoral programs in the disciplines of Engineering, Management, and Science. The institute comprises 13 departments, 1 School, and 12 supporting Centres. NIT Surathkal is ranked 12th in the 'Engineering' category and 38th in the 'Overall' category according to the NIRF 2023 Rankings. NITK has entered into Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with NIT Andhra Pradesh, NIT Warangal, NIT Calicut, NIT Puducherry, GEC Thrissur, and GCT Coimbatore to support and enable collaborative research projects and initiatives. Below are the important highlights of NIT Surathkal:

Particulars Statistics

Establishment year


NIRF Rankings 2023

- 12 under Engineering

- 38 under Overall

Number of courses


Types of scholarships offered

Merit-based, Need-based

Top recruiting companies

Microsoft, Uber, Amazon


NIT Warangal, NIT Andhra Pradesh, NIT Calicut

Watch the video below for additional information on the highlights of NIT Surathkal.

Popular Programmes at NIT Surathkal in 2024

The National Institute of Technology Surathkal provides undergraduate level BTech programs in nine different fields. In addition, NITK provides postgraduate programs such as MTech, MBA, MSc, and MCA. NIT Surathkal also provides research and doctoral-level programs in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology, and other related topics. The following are the popular programs offered at NIT Surathkal:

Admission dates for NIT Surathkal in the year 2024.

Prospective applicants must submit their applications online through the official website of NITK Surathkal in order to be considered for admission to different courses. Furthermore, the admissions at NIT Surathkal are based on entrance examinations. The acceptable entry examinations comprise JEE Main, GATE, and IIT JAM.The table provided below illustrates the admission dates for NITK Surathkal:

NIT Surathkal BTech Cut off 2023

Below is the most recent information regarding the NIT Surathkal BTech Cutoff, as well as other courses:

Placement statistics for NIT Surathkal in the year 2022

The highest salary offered during the NIT Surathkal placements in 2022 for BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) was INR 45.03 LPA. In addition, the mean salary for BTech (IT) and MTech (IT) was INR 23.03 LPA and INR 17.38 LPA, respectively. Below is a tabular summary of the important highlights of NITK placements in 2022:


Statistics (2022)

Total students


Eligible students


Students placed


Placement rate (overall)


Average package

- BTech (IT): INR 23.03 LPA

- MTech (IT): INR 17.38 LPA

Highest package

- BTech (IT): INR 45.03 LPA

- MTech (IT): INR 45.03 LPA

NIT Surathkal Ranking 2023

The National Institute of Technology Surathkal has received rankings in multiple areas, such as Engineering, overall, and others, as per the NIRF 2023 rankings. Prospective applicants may refer to the following table to obtain information regarding the ranks of NIT Surathkal:

Ranking Body Ranks
NIRF 2023 under the Engineering category 12
NIRF 2023 under the Overall category 38
NIRF 2023 under the Research category 41
NIRF 2022 under the Engineering category 10
NIRF 2022 under the Overall category 27

NIT Surathkal offers a range of courses and has specific fees for the year 2024.

Here is the comprehensive information regarding the admissions process for courses at NIT Surathkal:

Scholarships for the year 2024 at NIT Surathkal

NITK Surathkal offers scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs through various schemes. The institute offers the B R Samaga Scholarship and Veeramma Rajashekaraiah Scholarship specifically to second-year BTech students. In addition, NITK Surathkal offers the Vijayakala T D scholarship specifically for students enrolled in the E&E Department. In addition, the institute offers the Viklang Sahayata Sanstha Mathura Scholarship and provides financial aid to students belonging to the SC/ST category.

NITK Surathkal offers GATE scholarships to students pursuing MTech. This scholarship is exclusively available to Indian citizens, who will get a monthly stipend of INR 12,400. Furthermore, full-time research scholars are entitled to receive a fellowship up to INR 25,000 per month during the initial two years, and INR 28,000 per month for the subsequent two years. Below are the specific information of certain scholarships offered by NIT Surathkal:

Scholarship Name Scholarship Detail

Harshitha Chaturvedi Scholarship


B R Samaga Scholarship


Veeramma Rajashekaraiah Scholarship


Vijayakala TD Scholarship


Infrastructure of NIT Surathkal

The NIT Surathkal campus is equipped with laboratories, classrooms, a library, hostels, and cafeterias. The campus is equipped with many facilities, which include:

  • An entirely wireless campus.
  • Large hall or venue designed for public gatherings or performances.
  • We have a conference hall and seminar hall that are fully furnished.
  • Libraries housing a collection of 130,006 volumes
  • Accommodation options available for both male and female students
  • Health and fitness amenities

Gain further insight about its campus through the video provided below:

Notable Alumni of NIT Surathkal

NIT Surathkal boasts a continuously expanding network of graduates who are presently engaged in successful professional pursuits with leading corporations in India and elsewhere, or are making significant contributions to society as entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and public figures, among other roles. Here are some distinguished graduates of NIT Surathkal:

Alumni Name Alumni Degree
K. V. Kamath is the current President of BRICS Bank. He has previously held positions as the Chairman of ICICI Bank and the Chairman of Infosys. Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Kota Ullas Karanth is the Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society India Program.

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering
Ashok Shankarappa Kheny is a multifaceted individual from India who is involved in various fields such as film production, acting, directing, business, politics, and sports. He is the owner of the Karnataka Bulldozers cricket team and holds the position of chairman. Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering
Pramod Malpe Madhwaraj is an Indian politician hailing from the state of Karnataka. He is affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Bachelor's degree

NIT Surathkal Departments

The total number of departments at NIT Surathkal is 15. The list of these departments can be found in the table below:

NIT Surathkal Departments

Water Resources & Ocean Engg

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Information Technology

Mathematical and Computational Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Mining Engineering


School of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management

Career Development Centre (Formerly Placement & Training)

NIT Surathkal FAQs

Below are the NIT Surathkal FAQs:

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Courses & Fees

NIT Surathkal - National Institute of Technology Courses & Fees 2024

Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
Courses Tuition Fees Eligibility Total Seats
B.E. / B.Tech ₹ 500000 - ₹ 500000

10+2 : 75%

Exams : JEE Main, DASA UG

M.E./M.Tech ₹ 140000 - ₹ 500000

Graduation : 60%

Exams : GATE, CCMT

MBA/PGDM ₹ 140000 - ₹ 500000

Graduation : 50%

Exams : MAT, CAT, GATE

MCA ₹ 140000 - ₹ 500000

Graduation : 60%

Exams : NIMCET

M.Sc. ₹ 84508 - ₹ 500000

Graduation : 60%


Ph.D. ₹ 84508 - ₹ 500000

Exams :

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What are the latest updates on the placement scenario at NIT Surathkal for the year 2023? The 2023 placement drive ended with a placement rate of 93% for BTech students and 83.05% for MTech students. The placement rates for MCA, MBA, and MSc courses were 94.44%, 72.09%, and 54.90%, respectively. The achieved placement rate was 87.22%. The highest package granted to BTech students at NIT Surathkal was INR 54.75 LPA. In addition, the mean salary package provided to BTech and MTech students during the 2023 placements at NIT Surathkal was INR 18.26 LPA and INR 12.64 LPA, correspondingly. The mean salary for MBA and MCA programs was INR 7.93 LPA and INR 16.76 LPA, respectively.

NIT Surathkal Placements 2023:

  • The 2023 highest package increased by nearly 22% when compared with 2022
  • An upsurge of almost 4% was recorded in the 2023 placement rate when compared with 2022
Table of Contents
  1. NIT Surathkal Placement Report 2023: Highlights
  2. NIT Surathkal Average Package 2023
  3. NIT Surathkal Placements 2023: Top Recruiters
  4. NIT Surathkal Placements FAQs

NIT Surathkal Placement Report 2023: Highlights

The key highlights of NIT Surathkal placements 2023 as compared with 2022 are presented below:


Placement Statistics (2022)

Placement Statistics (2023)

Highest package

- INR 45.03 LPA (BTech)

- INR 45.03 LPA (MTech)

- INR 36 LPA (MCA)

- INR 14 LPA (MBA)

- INR 8 LPA (MSc)

- INR 54.75 LPA (BTech)

- INR 38.14 LPA (MTech)

- INR 38.14 LPA (MCA)

- INR 9.83 LPA (MBA)

- INR 18 LPA (MSc)

Average package

- INR 15.84 LPA (BTech)

- INR 10.45 LPA (MTech)

- INR 14.01 LPA (MCA)

- INR 9.09 LPA (MBA)

- INR 5.29 LPA (MSc)

- INR 18.26 LPA (BTech)

- INR 12.64 LPA (MTech)

- INR 16.76 LPA (MCA)

- INR 7.93 LPA (MBA)

- INR 7.10 LPA (MSc)

Lowest package N/A - INR 4.50 LPA (BTech)
Median package

- INR 12.84 LPA (BTech)

- INR 9 LPA (MTech)

- INR 11.40 LPA (MCA)

- INR 7.60 LPA (MBA)

- INR 5 LPA (MSc)

- INR 15 LPA (BTech)

- INR 11 LPA (MTech)

- INR 13.59 LPA (MCA)

- INR 8.10 LPA (MBA)

- INR 6.50 LPA (MSc)

Total eligible students 1,626


Total students placed 1,350


Overall placement rate 83%


Placement rate (course-wise)

- 93% (BTech)

- 75% (MTech)

- 88% (MCA)

- 76% (MBA)

- 47% (MSc)

- 93% (BTech)

- 83.05% (MTech)

- 94.44% (MCA)

- 72.09% (MBA)

- 54.90% (MSc)

No. of eligible students (course-wise)

- 762 (BTech)

- 724 (MTech)

- 52 (MCA)

- 29 (MBA)

- 59 (MSc)

- 856 (BTech)

- 726 (MTech)

- 54 (MCA)

- 43 (MBA)

- 51 (MSc)

No. of students placed (course-wise)

- 708 (BTech)

- 546 (MTech)

- 46 (MCA)

- 22 (MBA)

- 28 (MSc)

- 796 (BTech)

- 603 (MTech)

- 51 (MCA)

- 31 (MBA)

- 28 (MSc)

No. of students received packages above INR 20 LPA N/A 355
No. of students received packages between INR 10 LPA and INR 20 LPA N/A 688
No. of students received packages less than INR 10 LPA N/A 466

NIT Surathkal Average Package 2023

The institute has published the average salary information for each course for the academic year 2022-23. The BTech program had the largest average package, amounting to INR 18.26 LPA. In addition, the average package information for several BTech branches has also been published. The average package for the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program at NIT Surathkal was the highest, amounting to INR 27.68 LPA. Refer to the table below for information on the average package at NIT Surathkal in 2023:

Course Average Package (2023)
BTech INR 18.26 LPA
MTech INR 12.64 LPA
MSc INR 7.10 LPA

When analyzing the statistical data from the past two years (2022 and 2023), it is evident that the average salary package for all courses has shown improvement, with the exception of the MBA program, which has experienced a fall in its average package. The table presented below illustrates the comparison of average packages at NIT Surathkal for the years 2022 and 2023, specifically for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) degrees.

Course Average Package (2022) Average Package (2023)
BTech INR 15.84 LPA INR 18.26 LPA
MTech INR 10.45 LPA INR 12.64 LPA
MCA INR 14.01 LPA INR 16.76 LPA
MSc INR 5.29 LPA INR 7.10 LPA

NIT Surathkal Placements 2023: Top Recruiters

The official website has not yet released the 2023 roster of recruiters. The following is a list of companies that have visited the campus on multiple occasions in recent years:

NIT Surathkal Placements: Top Recruiters
Microsoft Amazon
Nvidia Adobe
Intuit Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley Bajaj Auto
American Express GAIL India Limited


NIT Surathkal Placement Report 2022-23

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NIT Surathkal Cutoff FAQs

NIT Surathkal Cutoff FAQs

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Hostel Fee

The National Institute of Technology offers a diverse range of amenities to its students. The NIT Surathkal campus is equipped with laboratories, classrooms, a library, hostels, and cafeterias. The campus facilities encompass:

  • An entire campus equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • A large hall or venue designed for public gatherings, performances, or presentations.
  • The conference hall and seminar hall are well equipped.
  • Libraries housing a collection of 130,006 volumes
  • Co-ed hostel facilities for male and female students
  • Health and fitness amenities

A library

The digital library of NIT Surathkal consists of a large three-storied building and houses a collection of 1,30,006 volumes, which includes book-bank books. Additionally, the library provides access to 414 journals covering various fields, as well as over 2000 online journals.

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NIT Surathkal Admission 2024 FAQs

NIT Surathkal Admissions 2024

The institute provides a range of courses including MTech, MBA, MCA, and MSc, in addition to its main subject, BTech. In addition, NIT Surathkal provides PhD programs in 14 departments across many interdisciplinary fields. Prospective students must complete the course-specific entrance examination as part of the application process for the course. The table provided below contains comprehensive information regarding the fees, eligibility requirements, and selection criteria for NIT Surathkal course admissions in the year 2024:


Eligibility & Selection

BE / BTech

Eligibility: Class 12 with 75% aggregate

Selection: JEE Main + JoSAA Counselling


Eligibility: BE/BTech degree with 60%

Selection: GATE + CCMT Counselling


Eligibility: UG degree with 60%

Selection: NIMCET


Eligibility: UG/PG degree with 50%

Selection: GMAT, CAT


Eligibility: UG/BSc degree with 55%

Selection: IIT JAM + CCMN Counselling


Eligibility: UG/PG degree in relevant subject


NOTE: The tuition fee indicated above is based on unofficial sources. Therefore, it may differ.

Check: Fee Structure 2022-2023

Admissions at NIT Surathkal for 2024: Overview of Courses, Requirements, Cutoffs, Placements, and Common Questions

Q. What's the process for enrolling at NIT Surathkal?
A. Gaining admission to NIT Surathkal's programs requires passing an entrance exam. The institute accepts scores from national exams such as JEE Mains, GATE, and IIT JAM. Prospective students must apply for these exams, and seat allocation is based on exam performance and counselling outcomes. Here's how to apply for some key programs:

BTech applicants should apply through JEE Main on the National Testing Agency's website (
MTech candidates need to register for GATE at the GATE Online Application Processing System website (
MSc hopefuls should apply for IIT JAM via the official site of its conducting body (
Aspiring MBA students must apply for CAT/MAT/GMAT through the respective exams' conducting bodies.

Q. Can a 95 percentile score secure a spot at NIT Surathkal?
A. A 95 percentile is generally considered competitive for NIT Karnataka. However, actual cutoffs vary annually based on factors like the number of applicants and their scores.

Admission Steps for BTech at NIT Surathkal:
Admission is primarily through JEE Main scores and subsequent counselling via JoSAA. If vacancies persist, CSAB counselling fills them. Candidates must also meet a minimum academic criterion, which is scoring at least 75% in Class 12 or equivalent.

Q. What JEE Main score is needed for BTech admissions?
A. The specific cutoff marks for NITK's BTech programs are determined post-exam. Historically, a score above 250 is competitive. The table below outlines the CSAB Special Round 2 closing ranks for various programs for the General category in recent years, illustrating trends:

CSAB Special Round 2 Closing Ranks for General (OS) Category:
Computer Science and Engineering: SEATS FILLED
Chemical Engineering: SEATS FILLED (2021: 15114)
Electronics and Communication Engineering: SEATS FILLED (2021: 4445; 2022: 5383)
Electrical and Electronics Engineering: 5890 (2021: 7807; 2022: 9141)
Mechanical Engineering: 10,648 (2021: 13,365; 2022: 13,567)
Civil Engineering: SEATS FILLED (2021: 20,759; 2022: 25,078)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering: 21,793 (2021: 21,166; 2022: 25,718)
Mining Engineering: SEATS FILLED (2021: 23,801; 2022: 30,736)

Q. What's the fee for studying BTech at NIT Surathkal?
A. The comprehensive fee for a BTech degree includes tuition, hostel, and one-time fees, amounting to approximately INR 5 lakh for tuition, INR 55,600 for hostel, and INR 9,270 as a one-time fee. These figures are estimates and may vary. For accurate details, visit NIT Karnataka's official site (

Q. Is NIT Surathkal reputable for its BTech program?
A. Yes, it's highly regarded, with a 93% placement rate reported for BTech in 2022. The highest and average salary packages were INR 45.03 LPA and INR 23.03 LPA, respectively. NIT Surathkal ranks 10th among India's top engineering colleges per NIRF rankings.

MCA Admissions at NIT Surathkal:
For MCA admissions, candidates need a BCA/BSc degree and should apply online at NITK's site (, with selections based on NIMCET scores and academic performance.

Q. What are the MCA fees at NIT Surathkal?
A. The total tuition fee for the MCA program is about INR 2.1 lakh, excluding additional charges like security deposits and admission fees. This fee structure pertains to the 2022-23 academic year and is subject to change.

MCA Eligibility:
Applicants must have a relevant undergraduate degree with at least 60% marks (55% for reserved categories) to qualify for the MCA program.

MCA Program Duration:
The MCA course spans three years, divided into six semesters, and requires passing an entrance exam for admission.

MBA Program Insights:
NITK offers a two-year MBA program, accepting GMAT/CAT scores for admissions, with a Bachelor's degree as a prerequisite. Application fees for MBA are INR 600 for general and INR 150 for reserved categories.

MTech Admissions Overview:
Admission to MTech programs is strictly based on GATE scores, with a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate engineering field as a prerequisite. GATE-qualified candidates must undergo CCMT counselling for seat allocation.

MSc Admissions Pathway:
Prospective MSc students must apply and score well in IIT JAM, followed by CCMN Counselling, to gain admission to NITK's MSc programs.

NIT Surathkal Scholarship

NIT Surathkal provides financial aid and a range of scholarships to qualifying individuals. The Institute provides the Harshitha Chaturvedi Scholarship specifically for BTech students belonging to the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) categories. Students who have achieved a CGPA score of 7.0 are granted a scholarship amount of INR 40,000 every year.

In addition, NIT Surathkal provides various scholarships such as the B R Samaga Scholarship, Veeramma Rajashekaraiah scholarship, Vijayakala T D Scholarship, Viklang Sahayata Sanstha Mathura Scholarship, Engineers India Limited (EIL) Scholarship, Reliance Foundation Scholarship, and Financial Assistance (SC-ST students) Scholarship.

Below, I offer the specific information on some of the scholarships mentioned above:

Scholarship Name

Scholarship Detail

Harshitha Chaturvedi Scholarship


B R Samaga Scholarship


Veeramma Rajashekaraiah Scholarship


Vijayakala TD Scholarship


What steps should I take to get ready for admission to NIT Surathkal?

To excel in JEE Main 2024 and secure admission to BTech at NIT Surathkal, one must possess a well-defined strategy and a comprehensive preparation plan. A meticulously designed preparation method for the exam is outlined below:

  • Revise to the greatest extent feasible.
  • Attempt a maximum number of practice exams. offers a downloadable JEE Main Mock Test Paper, which is available for free and
  • includes solutions. Click on the provided link to initiate the download immediately.
  • Select reference books judiciously
  • Examine the distribution of marks and curriculum for each section encompassed in JEE Main.
  • Direct your attention solely to NCERT texts at this juncture.
  • Attempt last year's JEE exam papers as they have a high likelihood of including similar questions.
    In order to gain admission into esteemed schools like the IITs, NITs, and IIITs, it is imperative for aspiring students to possess a proficient understanding of the curriculum covered in their 11th and 12th grade classes. Shiksha is providing complimentary NCERT questions and solutions to assist JEE candidates in achieving excellence in their studies. To obtain the NCERT solutions, simply click on the links provided below:
NCERT Class 11 Physics Solutions NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Solutions NCERT Class 11 Maths Solutions

NIT Surathkal Admission 2024 FAQs

Frequently asked questions

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