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The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) Entrance Exam is a national-level test conducted for admission into various postgraduate diploma courses in mass communication offered by IIMC. This exam assesses candidates on their analytical and comprehension skills, general awareness, and aptitude for media and communication.

The Indian Organization of Mass Correspondence (IIMC) is a lofty foundation offering postgraduate confirmation programs in different mass correspondence fields. To acquire confirmation, competitors need to qualify the Normal College Entry Test (CUET) PG, led by the Public Testing Office (NTA).

Central issues about the IIMC Selection test:

Test Dates: The CUET PG test will be held from Spring eleventh to 28th, 2024. While explicit dates for IIMC courses haven't been declared, they'll probably fall inside this time span.


Four year college education in any discipline with something like half checks (45% for SC/ST/OBC up-and-comers).
No particular age limit with the exception of NRI quantity applicants.

Application process:

Apply online through the CUET PG site ( until January 24th, 2024.
Download the CUET PG data booklet and check for IIMC courses under the "Normal" class. Question paper code is COQP17.

Test Example:

The test is on the web and endures 2 hours.
It includes 100 Various Decision Questions (MCQs) conveying 100 imprints.
There are no different segments. All things being equal, questions cover General Information and General Fitness with a couple of on Media and Correspondence.

Determination process:

Determination is exclusively founded on CUET PG score.
There are no meetings or gathering conversations.
A last legitimacy list is arranged in view of the general score out of 100.

Significant assets:

IIMC Confirmation Notice:
CUET PG Site: [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])
Shiksha IIMC Entry Guide:

Extra notes:

The last date to finish up the IIMC entrance application structure has proactively passed during the current year. You'll have to hang tight for the following application cycle.
Watch out for the authority IIMC and CUET PG sites for refreshes and additional data.

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While the authority prospectus for the IIMC selection test inside the 2024 CUET PG test hasn't been delivered at this point, we can anticipate that it should be like the past cycle and cover the wide subjects framed by IIMC and CUET. You can anticipate this:

General Information and General Fitness:

Current undertakings: Ongoing public and worldwide turns of events, financial issues, political occasions, sports, science and innovation forward leaps, and so forth.
Indian nation and society: Indian Constitution, crucial privileges, administration structure, social government assistance plans, variety, socioeconomics, and so on.
Economy and business: Key monetary markers, government approaches, significant ventures, monetary foundations, and so on.
Climate and science: Ecological difficulties, environmental change, supportability, ongoing logical revelations, and so forth.
Worldwide relations: India's international strategy, worldwide associations, significant global occasions, key global figures, and so forth.
Scientific and thinking abilities: Information understanding, legitimate thinking, critical thinking, decisive reasoning, independent direction.
Quantitative fitness: Fundamental numerical tasks, information examination, diagrams and graphs, and so forth.
Language and correspondence: Jargon, syntax, cognizance, articulation, sentence arrangement, and so on.

Media and Correspondence (restricted weightage):

Broad communications biological system: Print, electronic, computerized media, virtual entertainment, promoting, advertising, and so on.
Media hypotheses and morals: Moral contemplations in news-casting, media opportunity, capable detailing, and so forth.
Latest things in media industry: Arising advancements, new media stages, developing media scene, and so forth.
Information on noticeable media characters and associations

Keep in mind:

The prospectus isn't comprehensive, and questions can be outlined in different ways.
Center around building serious areas of strength for an in everyday information, current issues, scientific abilities, and language capability.
Routinely read papers, magazines, and news sites to remain refreshed.
Practice with earlier year's CUET PG papers and test questions accessible on the web.

Albeit the authority schedule can't be ensured until authoritatively delivered, this data ought to give you a decent beginning stage for your planning. Watch out for the authority IIMC and CUET sites for any updates.

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I am sorry for the off base data I gave before with respect to the IIMC placement test dates. There are really two unmistakable tests engaged with the IIMC application process for 2024-2025:

1. Language News coverage programs:

The placement test for Language Reporting programs previously occurred on Spring tenth, 2024.

2. Different projects:

For other postgraduate confirmation programs presented by IIMC, the placement test will be led through the Normal College Entry Test (CUET) PG.
CUET PG will be held between Spring eleventh and 28th, 2024, however unambiguous dates for IIMC courses haven't been reported at this point.
Almost certainly, the IIMC test inside CUET PG will fall inside this time span, yet watch out for the authority sites for affirmations.

Current status:

In the event that you were keen on the Language Reporting programs, the application time frame and placement test have previously passed.
For different projects, you'll have to hang tight for the particular dates inside CUET PG (logical Walk eleventh 28th) to be affirmed and afterward register for the CUET PG test in the event that you haven't as of now.

Significant assets:

IIMC Affirmation Notice:
CUET PG Site: [[invalid URL removed]]([invalid URL removed])

I trust this explains the data and assists you with arranging your application in like manner!

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Mock Test

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Starting today, February 16, 2024, here's the most recent and fundamental news on the IIMC placement test:


Applications for all projects aside from Language Reporting are shut. The cutoff time was January 24th, 2024.
The selection test for Language Reporting programs previously occurred on Spring tenth, 2024.
For different projects, the selection test will be directed through the Normal College Entry Test (CUET) PG.
CUET PG will be held between Spring eleventh and 28th, 2024, however unambiguous dates for IIMC courses are yet to be reported. It's probably they'll fall inside this time span.

Explicit Updates:

IIMC as of late gotten considered college status, permitting them to offer degrees rather than confirmations. This is a huge improvement for the organization.
No reports on the authority IIMC entrance prospectus or explicit dates inside CUET PG have been delivered at this point. Screen the authority IIMC and CUET PG sites for additional data.


In the event that you're keen on programs other than Language Reporting, be ready for the CUET PG test between Spring eleventh and 28th.
Routinely check the authority IIMC and CUET PG sites for refreshes on the test dates and prospectus.
Use accessible assets like earlier year papers, free example papers, and fake tests to get ready for the test.
Center around building major areas of strength for an in everyday information, current issues, scientific abilities, and language capability.

Keep in mind, remaining informed and planning great is pivotal for prevailing in the IIMC placement test. Best of luck!

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Sadly, there is definitely not an ideal indicator for the IIMC selection test, particularly inside the CUET PG design. This is on the grounds that few variables impact your opportunity of affirmation, including:

1. CUET PG Score: This score conveys critical weightage and straightforwardly decides your position. Nonetheless, anticipating your definite score in view of simply mock tests or self-evaluation is testing.

2. Rivalry Level: The trouble of getting affirmation likewise relies upon the quantity of candidates and the opposition for explicit projects. Anticipating this precisely is close to inconceivable.

3. Past Shorts: While earlier year shorts give an overall thought, they can change yearly contingent upon the candidate pool and score dispersion.

4. Choice Interaction: Dissimilar to certain colleges, IIMC exclusively depends on the CUET PG score without meetings or gathering conversations. This lessens capricious components, yet the opposition inside the score range remains.

Elective Assets:

While an exact indicator isn't accessible, these assets can assist you with measuring your planning and gauge your possibilities:

School Indicators: Stages like Shiksha and Collegedunia offer IIMC entrance indicators in light of your normal CUET PG score. Keep in mind, these are assessments and ought not be taken as certifications.
Earlier Year Shorts: Examine shorts for your ideal program from the IIMC site. Remember these are authentic patterns and ought not be exclusively depended upon.
Mock Tests: Stepping through mock examinations and breaking down your presentation gives bits of knowledge into your assets and shortcomings, assisting you with centering your arrangement.

Last Considerations:

Rather than depending entirely on indicators, center around exhaustive planning by:

Understanding the CUET PG schedule and test design.
Rehearsing with different fake tests and earlier year papers.
Reinforcing your overall information, current undertakings, and insightful abilities.
Rehearsing powerful using time productively and test procedures.

Keep in mind, difficult work, committed readiness, and remaining refreshed on true declarations are your best devices for an effective IIMC entrance venture.

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The guiding system for the IIMC placement test contrasts relying upon whether you're applying for Language News coverage programs or different projects:

1. Language News coverage programs:

Since the placement test for these projects previously occurred on Spring tenth, 2024, the directing meeting is probably going to happen soon, yet an authority date hasn't been reported at this point.
Guiding will be led online through the IIMC Affirmations site
During guiding, competitors will be dispensed seats in light of their placement test scores.
There will be various rounds of guiding, and those not getting a seat in that frame of mind round can partake in resulting adjusts in the event that seats stay accessible.

2. Different projects:

Since the selection test for these projects will be led through CUET PG between Spring eleventh and 28th, 2024, the directing system will occur after the outcomes are announced.
IIMC will give itemized directions with respect to the advising system after the CUET PG results are declared.
Like Language Reporting programs, directing will probably be on the web and in view of CUET PG scores.

Here are a few general focuses to recollect about IIMC entrance guiding:

Enlistment: All qualified applicants who meet all requirements for guiding need to enroll online on the IIMC Affirmations site.
Reports: Keep all essential records like concede card, scorecard, mark sheets, and authentications promptly accessible for online confirmation during guiding.
Seat Acknowledgment Charges: When designated a seat, up-and-comers need to pay seat acknowledgment expenses inside the specified time period to affirm their confirmation.
Remain Refreshed: Consistently check the authority IIMC Affirmations site and notices for refreshes on the guiding system and explicit dates for each program.

I trust this data explains the IIMC entrance advising process for both Language Reporting and different projects. Make sure to screen the authority site for additional updates and explicit dates as they become accessible.

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