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The Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test (BITSAT) is a computer-based online test for admissions to integrated first-degree programmes of BITS Pilani campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad. BITSAT assesses candidates' proficiency in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology, Logical Reasoning, and English Proficiency, aiming to select competent candidates for its various undergraduate programs.

BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test) is a computer-based entrance exam for admission to undergraduate engineering and science programs at BITS Pilani campuses in Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad.

Key Features:

  • Integrated curriculum: Focuses on interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving.
  • Unique question format: Combines multiple-choice questions with reasoning and bonus questions.
  • Highly competitive: Attracts bright students from across India and abroad.
  • Scholarship opportunities: Provides merit-based scholarships to deserving students.

Exam Format:

  • Objective type: Multiple-choice, reasoning, and bonus questions.
  • Three sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English & Logical Reasoning.
  • Total duration: 3 hours.
  • Sections weighted differently: Physics & Chemistry - 30%, Math - 30%, English & Logical Reasoning - 10%, Bonus - 20% (optional).

Selection Process:

  • Based on BITSAT score, board exam performance, and personal interview (optional).
  • Separate cut-offs for different programs and campuses.

Additional Points:

  • Official website:
  • Syllabus and sample papers: Available on the official website.
  • Preparation tips: Focus on conceptual understanding, time management, and mock tests.

Benefits of BITSAT:

  • Opens doors to prestigious BITS campuses with industry-focused programs.
  • Exposure to interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong alumni network and scholarship opportunities.


  • Preparation and strategic approach are crucial for success.
  • Utilize available resources like past papers, mock tests, and coaching institutes.
  • Stay updated on syllabus changes and exam pattern modifications.

BITSAT can be a rewarding and challenging journey. Embrace the preparation process, focus on your strengths, and strive for excellence

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Sure, here's a breakdown of the BITSAT 2024 syllabus:

BITSAT Prospectus Outline:

The BITSAT test covers Physical science, Science, Math, English Capability, and Sensible Thinking. Each segment conveys a particular weightage in the last score:

Physical science and Science: 30% each
Arithmetic: 30%
English Capability and Intelligent Thinking: 10%
Extra Inquiries (Discretionary): 20%

The prospectus for each subject is very tremendous, incorporating different key ideas and equations. Here is a concise outline of each segment:

Physical science:

Units and Estimations
Laws of Movement and Work-Energy
Rotational Movement
Attractive energy
Mechanics of Solids and Liquids
Motions and Waves
Intensity and Thermodynamics
Flow Power
Attraction and Electromagnetism
Current Physical science
Electronic Gadgets and Exploratory Abilities

Physical science recipes for BITSAT


Territories of Issue
Nuclear Design
Substance Holding and Atomic Construction
Substance Thermodynamics
Redox Responses and Electrochemistry
Substance Energy and Surface Science
Natural Science
Inorganic Science
Logical Science
Ecological Science

Science recipes for BITSAT


Variable based math
Coordinate Math
Measurements and Likelihood
Complex Numbers
Vectors and 3D Math
Straight Variable based math
Differential Conditions

Math recipes for BITSAT

English Capability and Coherent Thinking:

Verbal Capacity
Understanding Cognizance
Basic Thinking
Insightful Thinking

Extra Inquiries (Discretionary):

These inquiries cover a more extensive scope of subjects like current issues, general information, and riddles. Noting them accurately can altogether help your score.

Significant Focuses:

The schedule depends on the NCERT Class eleventh and twelfth course readings.
Nonetheless, a more profound comprehension of ideas past the reading material level is suggested.
Consistently settling earlier year papers and fake tests is vital for diving more deeply into the inquiry configuration and trouble level.
Using time effectively is fundamental, as the need might arise to finish 150 inquiries quickly.

Extra Assets:

Official BITSAT site:
BITSAT schedule and test papers: Accessible on the authority site.
Instructing foundations and online assets: Offer review materials, mock tests, and master direction.

Keep in mind, an engaged and vital methodology joined with predictable practice is critical to outcome in BITSAT. By understanding the prospectus completely and using the accessible assets successfully, you can essentially work on your possibilities tying down admission to your ideal program at Pieces Pilani

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The BITSAT 2024 assessment has proactively occurred for the current year. Here is a fast recap:


Meeting 1: May nineteenth to 24th, 2024.
Meeting 2: June 22nd to 26th, 2024.


The two meetings' outcomes have proactively been proclaimed and are accessible on the authority BITSAT site:

Directing Cycle:

The directing system for BITSAT 2024 is right now progressing. You can track down subtleties and updates on the site too.


It's still ahead of schedule to know the specific dates for the BITSAT 2025. Be that as it may, by and large, the test is generally led in the long stretches of May and June.

Keep Refreshed:

The authority BITSAT site is the most dependable hotspot for all data and updates with respect to the placement test. Make certain to bookmark it and check routinely for the most recent declarations about the 2025 test dates and schedule.

I trust this explains the present status of BITSAT 2024 and gives a few experiences into the following cycle.

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Mock Test

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Unfortunately, your query requires clarification in two aspects:

  1. Time Context: "Latest" news depends on when you last checked for information. Please specify whether you're interested in news since today, this week, this month, or within a specific past period.
  2. Examination Stage: BITSAT 2024 has already been conducted and concluded. Are you interested in news updates about the completed 2024 exam, or are you looking for information about the next edition (BITSAT 2025)?

Once you provide this information, I can offer you the most relevant and up-to-date news about BITSAT examinations.

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While I can't straightforwardly anticipate your score on the BITSAT, I can offer some data and assets to assist you with assessing your likely exhibition and work on your odds of coming out on top:

Restricted Consistency:

It's trying to anticipate your definite score because of different elements affecting execution, similar to test tension, arrangement level, and genuine test questions.
Not at all like a few state sanctioned tests, BITSAT doesn't give official score indicators in light of fake tests or practice tests.

Center around Abilities and Readiness:

Rather than depending exclusively on forecasts, devote time to fostering the essential abilities and procedures:
Solid groundwork in Physical science, Science, Math, and English: Form a strong comprehension of ideas, equations, and punctuation rules.
Using time effectively: Work on settling inquiries inside the assigned time for each part.
Test-taking procedures: Figure out how to recognize question types, dispense with erroneous choices, and move toward equivocal inquiries actually.
Practice with assorted assets: Use different fake tests, earlier year papers, and review materials to open yourself to various inquiry organizations and trouble levels.

Utilize Existing Indicators:

School Indicators: A few sites and instructing establishments offer "BITSAT School Indicators." These use verifiable information and reproduced inquiries to gauge your expected scope of entrance into explicit universities in light of your score. Be that as it may, recollect these are approximations and not ensures.
Earlier Year Shorts: Dissect earlier year shorts for various projects and grounds to get a handle on the intensity in view of your position range.

Keep in mind:

Readiness and commitment are critical. Try not to exclusively depend on indicators.
Center around areas of strength for creating and rehearsing in an intelligent way.
Use assorted assets and break down your presentation to move along.
Official sources like the BITSAT site are the most solid for data.

Rather than looking for expectations, use mock tests, investigate them extensively, and work on your more vulnerable regions. This proactive methodology will essentially improve your possibilities accomplishing a wonderful score in the BITSAT.

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Official Dates Not Declared At this point: While the BITSAT 2024 test has finished up for the two meetings, the specific dates for advising haven't been authoritatively reported at this point. Notwithstanding, in light of previous years, it's supposed to start late June 2024 onwards.

Central issues:

Directing Cycle: Applicants need to enroll and fill their selections of projects and grounds on the CSAB (Focal Seat Distribution Board) site. Dates and subtleties will be accessible on the BITSAT site nearer to the occasion.
Seat Allotment Rounds: There will be numerous rounds of seat designation in view of your BITSAT score, inclinations, and program accessibility.
Record Confirmation and Revealing: When you get a seat, you really want to check your archives and report to the distributed grounds according to their directions.
Unique Rounds: Seats staying after normal rounds will be filled through extraordinary rounds.

Extra Assets:

BITSAT site: refreshed for true declarations with respect to guiding dates and techniques.
CSAB site: site will have the guiding gateway and seat distribution process once initiated.

Keep in mind:

Dates referenced are conditional and in view of past patterns. Remain tuned to the authority BITSAT site for affirmed data.
Begin investigating program choices and exploring different grounds to go with informed decisions during directing.
Plan expected reports ahead of time to avoid delays during check.

I trust this makes a difference! Inform me as to whether you have any further inquiries

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