While I can't straightforwardly foresee your score on the WBJEE, I can offer some data and assets to assist you with assessing your likely exhibition and work on your odds of coming out on top:

Restricted Consistency:

Foreseeing your definite score in a test like WBJEE is trying because of different variables impacting execution, similar to test uneasiness, readiness level, and genuine test questions.
Dissimilar to a few state sanctioned tests, WBJEE doesn't give official score indicators in light of false tests or practice tests.

Center around Abilities and Planning:

Rather than depending entirely on expectations, devote your opportunity to fostering the essential abilities and systems:
Solid groundwork in Material science, Science, and Math: Construct a strong comprehension of ideas, recipes, and critical thinking draws near.
Using time productively: Work on settling mock inquiries inside the apportioned time (50 inquiries for every subject in 2 hours).
Test-taking methodologies: Figure out how to distinguish question types, wipe out inaccurate choices, and move toward vague inquiries actually.
Practice with assorted assets: Use different counterfeit tests, earlier year papers, and review materials to open yourself to various inquiry arrangements and trouble levels.

Existing Assets:

School Indicators: A few sites and training foundations offer "WBJEE School Indicators." These use verifiable information and reenacted inquiries to gauge your likely scope of entrance into explicit universities in view of your score. Nonetheless, recollect these are approximations and not ensures.
Earlier Year Shorts: Examine earlier year shorts for various projects and grounds to get a handle on the intensity in view of your anticipated or pointed rank reach.

Keep in mind:

Planning and devotion are critical. Try not to exclusively depend on indicators.
Center around areas of strength for creating and rehearsing in a calculated manner.
Use assorted assets and examine your exhibition to move along.
Official sources like the WBJEE site are the most solid for data.

Rather than looking for expectations, use mock tests, investigate them exhaustively, and work on your more vulnerable regions. This proactive methodology will fundamentally upgrade your possibilities accomplishing a delightful score in the WBJEE.