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JEE Advanced is a highly competitive examination for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). It follows the JEE Main exam and is intended for candidates seeking entry into undergraduate engineering programs. The test evaluates understanding in various engineering-related subjects. Performance in JEE Advanced is a key criterion for IIT admissions, with the exam structure designed to assess deep knowledge and problem-solving skills in physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

JEE Progressed is a profoundly serious public level placement test for admission to undergrad designing projects in the regarded Indian Establishments of Innovation (IITs) and NITs.

Key Highlights:

Two-staged test: Comprises of JEE Principal (qualifying test) and JEE Progressed (end of the year test).
Thorough prospectus: Covers Physical science, Science, and Arithmetic from Class eleventh and twelfth, expecting top to bottom getting it and critical thinking abilities.
Exceptionally cutthroat: Just top scorers in JEE Principal are qualified to show up.
High weightage: JEE Progressed score holds huge weightage in definite confirmation choices.

Test Organization:

Span: Three days (two papers each day) with a sum of 9 hours.
Question types: Objective sort (Numerous Decision Questions and Mathematical Response Type Questions).
Checking plan: +4 for right response, - 2 for inaccurate response (no bad stamping for unattempted questions).

Choice Cycle:

In light of JEE Progressed rank, classification, and seat accessibility in picked projects and universities.
Separate directing interaction for IITs and NITs.

Advantages of Breaking JEE Progressed:

Admission to esteemed designing projects in IITs and NITs.
Opens ways to promising profession amazing open doors in different designing fields.
Thought about a benchmark of scholastic greatness and scholarly ability.

Readiness Tips:

Begin early: Devote adequate time for extensive review and practice.
Center around figuring out ideas: Simple retention isn't enough for progress.
Normal practice: Tackle mock tests and earlier year papers to further develop using time productively and question-settling abilities.
Join instructing classes or online assets: Think about extra direction and backing.
Keep up with consistency and inspiration: The excursion requires constancy and devotion.

JEE Progressed is a difficult yet remunerating try. With centered readiness and an essential methodology, you can build your possibilities breaking this esteemed test and getting a seat in your fantasy designing system!

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While the JEE Progressed 2024 test has previously been directed and finished up in May 2024, here's an outline of the schedule that was followed:

JEE Progressed 2024 Prospectus Synopsis:

Subjects: Material science, Science, and Math.
In light of: Class eleventh and twelfth NCERT schedule.
Center: top to bottom comprehension and utilization of ideas.
Nitty gritty schedule: Accessible on the authority site

Subject-wise Points:

Physical science:

Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Optics, Current Physical science, Warm Physical science, and so on.


Actual Science, Inorganic Science, Natural Science, and so on.


Math, Polynomial math, Coordinate Calculation, Geometry, Likelihood, and so forth.

Significant Focuses:

The schedule goes past the fundamental NCERT level and requires further comprehension and investigation of ideas.
Critical thinking abilities and applying ideas to true situations are significant.
Earlier year papers and taunt tests give important experiences into the inquiry arrangement and trouble level.


Official JEE Progressed site:
NCERT course books: <invalid URL removed>: <invalid URL removed>
Training foundations and online assets: Offer review materials, mock tests, and master direction.

Keep in mind, while the 2024 prospectus has passed, this data can in any case be useful for those getting ready for future JEE Progressed tests or understanding the degree of meticulousness included.

I trust this explains the 2024 JEE Progressed schedule

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I am sorry by and by for the previous mistake about the JEE Progressed test date in 2024. The JEE Progressed test happens just one time each year, commonly in May. Starting today, February 12, 2024, the JEE Progressed 2024 as of now occurred on May 26th, 2024. Consequently, there are no more dates related with the JEE Progressed 2024 test.

Notwithstanding, assuming you're keen on the JEE Progressed 2025:

Official dates haven't been reported at this point. They are ordinarily reported around December of the previous year.
You can check the authority JEE Progressed site for any updates and declarations once they are accessible.

Keep in mind, predictable readiness is key for the JEE Progressed test. Try not to hold on until the authority dates are declared to begin pursuing your objective. Use assets like earlier year papers, mock tests, and review materials to assemble your abilities and information quite a bit early.

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Mock Test

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I am sorry, yet my past reaction had a mistake. There isn't any "most recent" news about the JEE Progressed 2024 test as it previously occurred on May 26th, 2024. Here is a refreshed reaction with most recent data starting today, October 26, 2023:

JEE Progressed:

JEE Progressed 2024: Currently led and closed, results reported on June 19, 2024.
No updates or news applicable to the 2024 test as of now exist.
Center lies around planning for the following cycle, JEE Progressed 2025.

JEE Progressed 2025:

Official dates haven't been declared at this point. Commonly happen in May.
Declaration typically occurs around December of the former year.
Watch out for the authority JEE Progressed site for refreshes.

Fundamental Data:

JEE Progressed: Considered the most difficult designing selection test in India, giving admission to the Indian Establishments of Innovation (IITs).
Directed just one time per year, regularly in May.
Has Physical science, Science, and Math segments.
Coordinated by the Joint Selection test Progressed board.

Keep in mind:

Remain refreshed through the authority site for additional declarations in regards to JEE Progressed 2025.
Begin planning early assuming you expect to show up in the following emphasis.

I trust this explains the data

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While I can't anticipate your accurate score on the JEE Progressed, I can offer a few assets and data that can assist you with assessing your expected exhibition and work on your odds of coming out on top:

Factors Influencing Execution:

Planning level: how you might interpret ideas, critical thinking abilities, and knowledge of the test design altogether influence your score.
Test-taking systems: Knowing how to move toward various inquiry types, oversee time successfully, and try not to get pushed can decisively work on your exhibition.
Outside factors: Elements like nervousness, wellbeing, and test day climate can likewise assume a part.

Restricted Consistency:

Anticipating your accurate score on the JEE Progressed is trying because of the unique idea of the test and individual contrasts.
Dissimilar to a few government sanctioned tests, JEE Progressed doesn't give official score indicators in view of false tests or practice tests.

Center around Abilities and Planning:

Rather than depending entirely on expectations, commit your chance to creating:
Solid groundwork in Physical science, Science, and Math: Expert key ideas, equations, and critical thinking draws near.
Time usage abilities: Work on tackling assorted issues inside the apportioned time (50 inquiries for every subject in 2 hours).
Successful test-taking systems: Figure out how to recognize question types, dispose of mistaken choices, and move toward uncertain inquiries decisively.
Practice with assorted assets: Use mock tests, earlier year papers, and review materials to open yourself to different inquiry organizations and trouble levels.

Existing Assets:

Earlier Year Examination: Dissect verifiable patterns in trouble level, shorts, and question types to acquire experiences into potential inquiry designs.
Master Techniques: Read articles and pay attention to addresses by specialists offering significant hints and experiences on breaking the JEE Progressed.
Mock Tests: While not official indicators, rehearsing with great quality fake tests dissects your assets and shortcomings and further develop your time usage abilities.

Keep in mind:

Readiness and devotion are critical. Try not to exclusively depend on expectations.
Center around areas of strength for creating and rehearsing in an intelligent way.
Use different assets and investigate your presentation to move along.
Official sources like the JEE Progressed site are the most solid for data.

Rather than looking for expectations, use mock tests, investigate them completely, and work on your more fragile regions. This proactive methodology will essentially upgrade your possibilities accomplishing a fantastic score in the JEE Progressed.

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While the JEE Progressed test itself happens just one time per year, the directing system happens subsequently to decide seat portion in IITs and other taking part foundations. Here is an outline of the JEE Progressed guiding interaction:

Who is qualified for directing?

Competitors getting a substantial position in the JEE Progressed test.
Qualifying JEE Fundamental test (according to qualification rules).

Who directs the guiding?

Joint Seat Designation Authority (JoSAA) deals with the seat distribution process for taking part organizations like IITs, NITs, IIITs, and other GFTIs.

Key stages in the guiding system:

Enlistment and Decision Filling: Up-and-comers register on the JoSAA site and determine their favored schools and projects in light of their position and accessibility.
Seat Portion: JoSAA discharges a few rounds of seat designation in view of competitor inclinations, positions, and accessible seats.
Report Check and Seat Acknowledgment: Distributed competitors need to confirm their records and affirm their acknowledgment by paying a seat acknowledgment charge.
Announcing and Joining: Effectively conceded competitors report to their allocated organization according to indicated dates and complete the joining customs.

Significant dates for JEE Progressed 2024 advising (currently finished up):

Guiding cycle started: June 10, 2024
Cycle 6 Seat Designation result: June 28, 2024

Assets for future cycles:

JoSAA site:
JEE Progressed site:

Keep in mind:

Dates and methodology are dependent on future developments.
Remain refreshed through true sites and dependable hotspots for the most recent data.

I trust this explains the guiding system for the JEE Progressed test. Go ahead and ask in the event that you have any further inquiries!

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