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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a national level entrance exam in India for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate courses in engineering and architecture at premier institutes like NITs, IIITs, and other centrally funded technical institutions. It serves as a qualifying exam for JEE Advanced, which is required for admission to IITs. The test assesses knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. JEE Main is conducted multiple times a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA), offering candidates multiple attempts to improve their scores.


Joint Placement test (JEE) Primary is a cross country selection test for admission to undergrad designing projects (BE/BTech) in different Indian organizations, including NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, and taking part state designing schools.
Profoundly aggressive, drawing in north of 10 lakh candidates yearly.
Three papers: Math, Physical science, and Science (all goal type).
Fills in as an evaluating test for JEE Progressed, expected for IIT confirmation.

Key Highlights:

Qualification: Class twelfth/comparable with Physical science, Science, and Arithmetic.
Test Organization:
Two meetings: February and May (provisional for 2024).
Every meeting has two stages:
Stage 1: Maths (an hour and a half).
Stage 2: Physical science and Science (consolidated, 3 hours).
Marks standardized across meetings to guarantee reasonableness.
Separate percentile rank and NTA score for each subject and generally speaking.
Top 2.5 lakh rankers can show up for JEE Progressed.
Universities consider JEE Fundamental position and state-level directing for affirmations.


Opens ways to esteemed designing universities across India.
Initial move towards accomplishing IIT yearnings.
Serious readiness cultivates solid critical thinking and scientific abilities.

Extra Focuses:

Requires committed arrangement with concentrate on materials, practice tests, and expertise advancement.
Think about instructing focuses or online assets for organized direction.

Keep in mind:

Consistency, difficult work, and key arranging are pivotal for progress.
Begin early, use assets really, and remain refreshed on test design changes.

JEE Main can be a challenging but rewarding journey. Embrace the process, focus on continuous learning, and believe in your potential!


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The schedule for the JEE Primary 2024 assessment was refreshed contrasted with earlier years. Here is a breakdown of the central issues:

Subjects Covered:

Material science

Changes from earlier years:

Generally speaking schedule is decreased by 25-35% across subjects.
More weightage given to Science (35%) contrasted with Physical science and Science (22.5% each).
Fitness Test prospectus modified with expanded center around drawing inclination (20%).
A few sections eliminated or converged in each subject (e.g., Natural Science converged with Natural Science).

Itemized Schedule:

You can find the authority PDF record illustrating the itemized prospectus for each subject here: pictures/schedule for-jee-primary 2024-as-on-01-november-2023.pdf: for-jee-fundamental 2024-as-on-01-november-2023.pdf

Keep in mind:

While the schedule gives an outline, center around figuring out the ideas top to bottom and rehearsing different issue types.
NCERT reading material for Class eleventh and twelfth stay a significant asset for primary information.
Settle earlier year papers and counterfeit tests in view of the refreshed schedule to really get to know the arrangement and level of trouble.
Allude to dependable review materials and look for direction from educators or training foundations for an organized methodology.

Extra Assets:

NCERT course books for class eleventh and twelfth (Physical science, Science, and Arithmetic)
Online instructive stages and training organizations

By understanding the syllabus and adopting a focused and strategic approach, you can optimize your preparation for the JEE Main 2024 examination.


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The JEE Principal 2024 assessments have previously occurred for the current year. There were two meetings:

Meeting 1: January 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th, and February first, 2024. Meeting 2: April fourth to fifteenth, 2024.

The outcomes for the two meetings have likewise been announced. You can find more data about the JEE Fundamental 2024, including the authority results, on the accompanying site:

Assuming that you are keen on taking the JEE Primary later on, the following cycle will probably occur in 2025. The authority subtleties and dates for the 2025 assessment will be reported nearer to the time on a similar site.


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Mock Test

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While the JEE Main 2024 examinations have already concluded, here are some recent updates and basic information to keep you informed:

Latest News:

  • Counseling for JEE Main 2024 is ongoing. The Joint Seat Allocation Board (JoSAA) conducts the counseling process for admission to NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, and participating State Engineering Colleges based on JEE Main ranks. You can follow updates on the JoSAA 
  • IITs announced cutoff dates for seat acceptance and reporting. Successful candidates who secured seats through JEE Advanced 2024 counseling need to complete specific actions by designated dates. Refer to the respective IIT websites for details.
  • JEE Main 2025 tentative dates not yet announced. However, expect them sometime in January-March 2025, with exams likely in April-May 2025. Be sure to watch the official JEE Main website for 

Basic Information:

  • JEE Main is a nationwide entrance exam for admission to undergraduate engineering programs in India.
  • It consists of three papers: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (all objective type).
  • Two sessions are held annually (usually in February and May).
  • Top 2.5 lakh rankers qualify for JEE Advanced, the entrance exam for IITs.
  • JEE Main scores also considered for admissions to NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, and participating State Engineering Colleges.

Additional Resources:

  • JEE Main official 
  • JoSAA (Joint Seat Allocation Board)
  • IIT websites for individual institute updates

Remember, stay informed through official sources for the latest news and developments regarding JEE Main and relevant admission processes.


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While I can't predict the future for the JEE Mains examinations, I can help you with some resources and information for making your own informed predictions:

Previous Year Data:

  • Analyze previous year question papers and difficulty levels: This can give you an idea of the types of questions asked and the overall difficulty of the exam.
  • Look at previous year cutoff ranks and percentiles: This will help you understand what score you might need to achieve your desired rank and college admission.
  • Consider changes in the syllabus and weightage: This year's syllabus is reduced and Mathematics weightage is increased, so adjust your preparation accordingly.

Official Resources:

  • NTA website:This website provides official information about the exam, including the syllabus, exam pattern, and past year papers.
  • Mock tests and online resources: Several websites and coaching institutes offer mock tests and practice papers that can help you gauge your preparedness and identify areas for improvement. Analyze your performance in these tests to gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses.


  • Predictions are not guarantees: Predicting your exact score or rank is impossible due to various factors like the competition level and paper difficulty.
  • Focus on preparation: Instead of relying on predictions, focus on effective preparation by:
    • Understanding concepts: Don't just memorize formulas, understand the underlying concepts.
    • Regular practice: Solve questions from diverse sources and analyze your mistakes.
    • Time management: Practice managing time effectively during mock tests.
    • Stay updated: Keep up with official announcements and syllabus changes.

Additional Resources:

  • JEE Main Rank Predictor: jee-mains-advanced-college-predictor
  • JEE Main College Predictor: jee-main-college-predictor

By utilizing these resources and focusing on diligent preparation, you can increase your chances of success in the JEE Mains examinations. Remember, while predictions can be helpful, your hard work and determination are the ultimate factors that will determine your outcome.

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While the JEE Mains for Meeting 1 has proactively been led and results are normal on February twelfth, 2024, the directing system for confirmations will happen later in the year. This is the thing we are familiar JEE Mains directing in 2024:

Significant Dates (Speculative):

Enrollment and Decision Filling: Starts from late June 2024 (explicit date yet to be reported).
Seat Distribution: From late June 2024 onwards.
Archive Confirmation and Revealing: Occurs after seat designation.

Advising Interaction:

The directing for JEE Mains is finished through the Joint Seat Portion Authority (JoSAA). Here is an overall outline:

Register on JoSAA site: Qualified applicants need to enroll and fill their selections of universities and projects in view of their position and inclinations.
Seat Distribution Rounds: JoSAA conducts a few rounds of seat portion where seats are dispensed in view of up-and-comer rank, decisions, and seat accessibility.
Tolerating a Seat: In the wake of getting a seat, you really want to acknowledge it and pay the seat acknowledgment expense.
Answering to Dispensed School: When you acknowledge a seat, you really want to answer to the distributed school for record check and affirmation.

Extra Data:

There will likewise be exceptional rounds of advising after the JoSAA adjusts for any empty seats.
You can track down more point by point data and significant dates on the authority JoSAA site
It's significant to remain refreshed on true declarations and rules to take part actually in the directing system.

Please note: These are all tentative dates and information based on previous years. The official JoSAA website will have the most updated and accurate information.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions

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