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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the primary entrance examination for undergraduate medical (MBBS) and dental (BDS) courses in India. It is also used for admission into AYUSH courses and veterinary science. Administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), NEET is a crucial step for aspirants seeking to enter medical and allied fields. The exam tests knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and is mandatory for studying medicine in India and abroad for Indian citizens.

The exam is conducted once a year and takes place online. Candidates can also use the NEET PG scores to take admission to postgraduate MBBS DNB courses. The NEET PG exam is 3.5 hours long, and the question paper consists of 200 questions. Each question carries 4 marks which makes the total marks 800.


The National Eligibility Entrance Test (Postgraduate) (or NEET (PG)) is a qualifying and ranking examination in India, for students who wish to study various postgraduate Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), Diplomate of National Board (DNB), Doctorate of National Board (direct 6 years course in the field of Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Pediatric Surgery) and diploma courses, in government or private medical colleges in the country. This exam replaced All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE). The exam is conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) The counselling and seat allotment is conducted by Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS

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The schedule for NEET PG 2024 depends on the educational plan instructed during the MBBS course, covering key points from different clinical subjects. While the authority prospectus hasn't been delivered at this point, this is the thing you can anticipate in view of past patterns and data from solid sources:


Three segments: Preclinical, Paraclinical, and Clinical
Preclinical: Life systems, Physiology, Natural chemistry
Paraclinical: Pharmacology, Microbial science, Pathology
Clinical: Medication, Medical procedure, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Muscular health, Local area Medication

Subjects and Themes:


Life systems: Gross life systems, embryology, histology, neuroanatomy
Physiology: General physiology, foundational physiology, human turn of events and hereditary qualities
Natural chemistry: Essential natural chemistry, digestion, sub-atomic science


Pharmacology: General pharmacology, pharmacotherapeutics, unfavorable medication responses
Microbial science: General microbial science, clinical microbial science, immunology
Pathology: General pathology, fundamental pathology


Medication: Cardiology, respiratory medication, gastroenterology, endocrinology, nervous system science, psychiatry, dermatology, venereology
Medical procedure: General a medical procedure, muscular health, urology, ENT, ophthalmology
Obstetrics and Gynecology: Obstetrics, gynecology
Pediatrics: Pediatrics, neonatology
ENT: Ear, nose, and throat illnesses
Ophthalmology: Eye illnesses
Muscular health: Outer muscle problems
Local area Medication: General wellbeing, the study of disease transmission, preventive medication

Extra Focuses:

The prospectus is extensive and covers a tremendous scope of points.
Center around understanding the ideas exhaustively as opposed to simply remembering realities.
Use assets like reading material, earlier year papers, and counterfeit tests to set your comprehension and practice question-addressing.
Remain refreshed on any authority declarations seeing the schedule as the last variant may be delivered nearer to the test date.

Here are a few assets you can utilize:

Public Leading group of Assessments (NBE) site:
Earlier year question papers: Accessible on the NBE site.
Instructing establishments: Many training organizations offer NEET PG concentrate on materials and false tests.
Instructive sites: A few instructive sites offer free or paid mock tests and review materials for NEET PG.

Keep in mind, getting ready for NEET PG requires commitment and vital preparation. By zeroing in on grasping the ideas and using pertinent assets really, you can build your odds of coming out on top.

I trust this data makes a difference

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Starting today, October 26, 2023, the authority date for the NEET PG 2024 test hasn't been declared at this point. Nonetheless, in light of different dependable sources, the test is probably planned for July 2024.

We know up until this point this:

Public Leading group of Assessments (NBE) directs the NEET PG test.
Applications are supposed to open in May 2024. Official dates haven't been affirmed at this point.
The test was recently booked for Walk 3, 2024, however was deferred because of entry level position finish cutoff times.
Expect an authority declaration in regards to the specific date and other significant subtleties around January or February 2024.

Make sure to check the authority NBE site consistently for refreshes:

Here are a few extra focuses to remember:

Begin getting ready early no matter what the specific test date.
Use assets like earlier year papers, mock tests, and review materials custom-made to the NEET PG prospectus.
Center around understanding the ideas inside and out as opposed to simply retaining realities.
Remain refreshed on any progressions to the qualification rules or test design.

I trust this data makes a difference!

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NEET PG 2024 exam date is announced by the National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) at NEET PG 2024 will be conducted on 7 July 2024 according to the latest notification. NBEMS has released an official notice postponing the NEET PG 2024 Exam Date from 3rd March 2024 to July 7th.
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While I comprehend your longing to anticipate your exhibition in the NEET PG test, precisely foreseeing your careful score or rank is unimaginable because of a few elements:

Individual Variables:

Planning level: how you might interpret ideas, critical thinking abilities, and knowledge of the test design altogether influence your score.
Outer elements: Variables like test-taking nervousness, wellbeing, and test day climate can likewise assume a part.
Restricted information: With the 2024 test being somewhat new, there's less authentic information to make exact score indicators contrasted with laid out tests.

Center around Progress:

Rather than looking for score expectations, devoting your chance to sharpening these regions will be more advantageous:

Strong groundwork in clinical subjects: Expert key ideas, clinical thinking abilities, and critical thinking approaches well defined for the NEET PG prospectus.
Time usage abilities: Work on addressing assorted clinical cases inside the allocated time for each part of the test.
Successful test-taking techniques: Figure out how to distinguish question types, dispose of wrong choices, and move toward vague inquiries decisively.
Different practice assets: Use mock tests (when accessible), earlier year papers, clinical contextual investigations, and review materials custom-made to the NEET PG schedule.

Accessible Assets:

Public Leading body of Assessments (NBE) site: (Mock tests delivered nearer to the test date)
Earlier year papers: Accessible on the NBE site.
Instructing organizations: Many training establishments offer NEET PG practice materials and fake tests.
Instructive sites: A few instructive sites offer free or paid mock tests and review materials for NEET PG.

Keep in mind:

Arrangement, devotion, and vital exertion are definitely more important than looking for score expectations.
By zeroing in on these perspectives, you can fundamentally expand your possibilities accomplishing a fantastic score in the NEET PG test.

I trust this explains the limits of expectations and guides you towards a more useful way to deal with your NEET PG readiness

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The guiding system for NEET PG occurs after the outcomes are proclaimed, ordinarily in August. This is the thing you want to be aware:

Guiding Bodies:

All India Portion (AIQ): half of MD/MS/PG Certificate seats in government clinical schools and considered colleges across India are filled through AIQ guiding led by the Directorate General of Wellbeing Administrations (DGHS) under the Service of Wellbeing and Family Government assistance.
State Amount: Remaining seats in government universities and seats in confidential schools are filled through advising directed by individual state guiding specialists.

Significant Dates:

As of now, the specific dates for directing haven't been reported. In any case, in view of past patterns, AIQ directing commonly begins in the third seven day stretch of September and goes through different rounds.
Watch out for the DGHS site and your state directing power's site for refreshes on unambiguous dates and systems.

Guiding Interaction:

Enlistment: Register on the significant site (DGHS for AIQ, state site for state share) and fill in your NEET PG rank, favored universities, and different subtleties.
Decision Filling: Pick universities and courses you're keen on in view of your position and qualification. You can overhaul your decisions during explicit windows.
Seat Designation: Seats are distributed in view of a mix of your position, school inclinations, and reservation strategies.
Archive Check: Go to record check at the assigned focus to affirm your qualification and guarantee your seat.
Detailing: Pay charges and report to the apportioned school to finish affirmation customs.

Extra Focuses:

Numerous Rounds: There are normally various rounds of guiding, permitting contender to overhaul their seats assuming they get better choices in ensuing rounds.
Reservation Arrangements: Reservation approaches for Booked Positions (SC), Planned Clans (ST), Other In reverse Classes (OBC), and Monetarily More vulnerable Segments (EWS) apply during seat distribution.
State Advising: Systems and courses of events for state directing could contrast somewhat, so actually take a look at their particular sites for subtleties.


DGHS site: (AIQ advising)
State Advising Authority sites: Quest for your state's clinical/dental confirmations site.

Keep in mind, the advising system could appear to be perplexing, yet understanding the means and following pertinent sites will assist you with exploring it easily. Best of luck!

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